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by Suzanne on September 1st, 2011



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by Suzanne on August 22nd, 2011

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Lots of stuff happening (mainly of the bad and then worse kind). I have been watching lots of Gamecenter CX which I find incredibly therapeutic because it brings back so many childhood memories. I also find AD "Adventure Island 28 Hours Straight So Beautiful I Think I Cried" Urakawa immensely attractive and such a graceful gamer *cough* which might be another reason why I'm watching Arino play really obnoxious vintage games for hours on end. Oh well, we all have our weak spots.

In related old skool gaming news, can someone help Rob, Same Hat & I identify what PC88 / 98 or MSX2 game this screen shot is from. Ta!

Nothing much going on in the arts but it seems that decent exhibition programmes begin again in September, so let me just share some things that got stuck in my Twitter over the past few days.


Doubly sad times for censorship in Australia...

Robert Crumb cancels Australia show after being told he produces "crude and perverted images emanating from what is clearly a sick mind." His answer?

"I have a lot of anxiety about having to confront some angry sexual assault crisis group."

Jan Saudek photo withdrawn after child prostitution claim.
(thanks, Trevor!)

VERY sad times for the fantastic Odd Nerdrum who's been sentenced to two years in prison for tax evasion.
(via Samantha Levin)


• Will Wiles for Cabinet Magazine on The Behavioral Sink

"Elsewhere, cannibalism, pansexualism, and violence became endemic. Mouse society had collapsed."

• Mask of a 1970s-era Elvis Presley from Malawi at the Brooklyn Museum

"The painted wood mask, “Elvis” Mask for Nyau Society , was worn by a “secret society” made up of Chewu peoples during ceremonies and rituals."


Substrom made a really nice video for Clark. And by "really nice" I mean "NSFW":

"We knew our ideals were high. The lower we sink, the less we care why." (from Jeopardy by The Sound - cover art by the Stenberg Brothers):

Overtone singing with x-ray image made by the Dept. of Radiology at the CHUV Lausanne (via NotCot):

London - A Week of Anger, Tears, Headaches and Facepalms

by Suzanne on August 12th, 2011

This is an art blog, but sometimes things happen where even art doesn't offer a cure, so if you come for the art please and by all means feel free to skip my incoherent sofa politics. I just feel like I owe this to all the people who enquired about my well-being. Normal posting will resume shortly.

Most of you know I live in London. Some of you know I live in Hackney. All of you know what's been going on here. We had a rough week. Some people here, however, have rough lives.

There are the ones, often from immigrant families, who are trying to make a living in desperate times who - already enduring racial abuse and disintegration - had their local shops destroyed, their brothers killed, their teeth knocked out - often while defending the streets when authorities were absent.

The others are those trapped in a very discouraging benefit spiral - often for generations, with parents absent, local youth centres boarded up due to lack of funding, school being closed for summer holidays. It's warm, nights are long, TV programme shit, the drugs don't work and it seemed to some that "smashing up shit, fuck yeah!" seemed to provide a sense of purpose.

In this city, both of the above groups, who were already suffering, lost even more in less than a week. The former their livelihoods and their flats, the latter their chance of being taken seriously in society.

What happened is extremely upsetting, very difficult to grasp and the causes way more complex than the symptoms.

Was this retribution for Mark Duggan? No, sadly, his case was forgotten relatively soon once the peaceful vigil was overrun.

Was it political? Not really, you don't smash up charity shops and pet shops if you want to make a political statement. You go after the banks and big corporations. Yes, some police stations were set on fire, but attacking the police is not proving a political point, it's just really dumb, particularly when they were needed on Monday evening.

Is it justifiable? Absolutly not. Innocent families were made homeless, people were killed.

Can I UNDERSTAND it? Absolutely. With every cell of my body, with every synapses in my brain and I will try to show why for this IS about poverty, it IS about injustice, it IS about inequality but not in a purely materialistic sense.

This isn't an exact repeat of Brixton 1981, if anything, it's actually a whole lot worse now because to racial disadvantage came a lot of social disadvantages over the decades and it's simply arrogant of a society to believe people won't really realise they're not actually well off in life as long as they're being fed with benefits. "Give 'em housing, give 'em some money, shut 'em up when they demand more", is, if anything, the best recipe for creating more problems.

The attitude that history simply repeats itself and that we should just celebrate the accidental heroes of the riots - who, don't get me wrong, have risked their lives to safeguard others like me living above and behind them when there was no-one around - distracts from the actual problem and gives "us" a feeling of being different than "those" who rioted and looted which is highly counter-productive and also not true.

The politicians who are shouting the loudest about how it's justified to lock up the "scum of England" and the "thugs" for half a year at a time for stealing water bottles from Lidl in order to "fix this society", are probably the ones with some of the worst track record during the expenses scandal and that's not really leading the society by example. Particularly not when confusing giving justice with setting judicial precedents.

I do understand that it's more difficult for someone living in leafy Notting Hill to understand what exactly goes on on a daily basis in an estate up here but we've all got to try as we actually all live really close together - something that hipsterification and gentrification and the ghettoification it brings with it won't be able to overshadow. I can see the Swiss Re tower from here. Even on a cloudy day.

If the police sits back and gathers film evidence material for "swift and hard justice" in the aftermath and create a psychologically extremely tense atmosphere by turning their sirens on but don't advance in some messed up form of psychological mob warfare while the rioters rioted and the looters looted (PLEASE, not all rioters actually looted and not all looters rioted - the looters are a very diverse bunch of people...) then there is something really, really wrong with the way a society reacts to unrests.

In the past few days, a lot of social theorists have come forward, trying to explain the whys and offering answers to the whatnows, and ironically enough, some of the best statements I heard that came close to addressing the complexity of the situation came from one of the last places I would ever listen to and I feel a perverse unease even mentioning it, yes, the church (I'll just assume they're good at writing empathically, though) and, of course, young teenagers who are now probably forced to spend the rest of their summer holidays thinking about "what they've done" and writing papers about the riots. Read any of those essays and you get a better summary of what happened and why than any newspaper of any couleur has come up with.

Without doubt, the ones who are going to cash in now are the ones who'll offer the simplest answers. The EDL has already abused the fact that hundreds cleared the destroyed streets in a momentum of communal self-defence as populist propaganda and makes it seem like the UK’s at war “defending itself against a foreign invasion” (to be honest, even the self-acclaimed "Marxists" came to their aid by insulting the "broom hipsters" who took time off to help others for actually making the problem worse by creating a dangerous "Blitz spirit").

Considering the fact that the e-petition to stop benefits for all rioters (I'm not going to link to it) has received so much backing from the public that it will be discussed in the Commons, the newspaper comments sections read worse than the most shocking YouTube slurs with people calling for the death penalty for looters etc., it is now more important than ever to demonstrate against the blind hatred of the far right, adding insult to injury particularly during their planned march through Tower Hamlets that's REALLY had enough grief in these past few days. If you're in London on September 3, I would like to invite you to join the counter-demo against the EDL march.

In the meantime, we can make at least an effort in helping our communities out and thanking those who protected us with their lives - in my case the Turkish and Kurdish small business owners. There is a multitude of events planned in all areas of town and obviously also in Birmingham, Manchester and all over the country, so please do attend these. Check your borough's website about what has been organised and where and how you can donate for those who have lost their homes and incomes.

For the London region, the best place to donate is Tottenham Green Leisure Centre up here in N15 (train to Seven Sisters). They can be reached via 020 8489 5322.

Currently clothes or food are not needed anymore, but phone chargers, pots & pans, sanitary products, toiletries and baby products.

All over the country, professional builders and architects are offering their services for free or at a discount. If you're a shop owner who needs help or want to take part, go here.

For the Dalston region, I would like to encourage you to support these events both taking place tomorrow, August 13:

Give Our Kids a Future! A North London Unity Demonstration

Thank Turk It's Saturday

DeLoot London

I'll be adding more links to this entry as they become relevant.

And moving forward, let's not forget to sometimes laugh at the unlaughable, a very distinct English trait, just for 10 seconds..

I would like to conclude this article with the comic genius that reached us from Libya early Wednesday:

‎”Libyan foreign ministry spokesman Khalid Ka’im has called on world governments to take action over the unrest in the UK. David Cameron has lost legitimacy and “must go”, Libya’s official news agency Jana reports. Libya “demands that the international community not stand with arms folded in the face of this gross aggression against the rights of the British people, who are demanding its right to rule its country”, the report said.”


Where I Can Be Found on the Internets

by Suzanne on July 24th, 2011

Warren does this on a regular basis, and I guess it might be helpful for people who only follow me via RSS and don't ever see updates to the sidebar contact details.

So this is where I can be found on the nets - after closing down the useless and time-wasting shit:

WurzelForum: Research for blog and image-heavy themed topics.

Facebook: Random shit that I find newsworthy, of current interest, underrepresented, rants, strictly no chat.

Twitter: Automatic blog feed plus a revised, more public selection of what I share with individuals on FB.

Google+: IDFK, YTM.

Flickr: A cringeworthy journey through my goth past in pictures.

Last.FM: A cringeworthy journey through my goth past in music.

Email: Yes, it's still the best way to actually get in touch with someone.



David Hochbaum at Strychnin, Berlin... and Tetris Dreams

by Suzanne on June 8th, 2011

In a night filled with some of the most psychotic dreams ever - including a trained toad that would get me sweets from vending machines, walking barefoot over a bridge made of snakes, meeting the bored 1940s secretary who accidentally invented the D-beat - Sigur Ros launched a RL tetris with me at the controllers where everyone got squashed to death because I'm so damn good at tetris.

As a player inside the RL tetris you were given a choice between 3 pills without knowing what they were: A black one to die immediately without having to endure the agony of being squashed by the giant pieces, a blue one to not feel any pain and a green one to send in one of your friends instead.

I hope you can understand that a) I will keep today's posts short and b) I need help.

Return by David Hochbaum, gelatin silver print and mixed media - click to enlarge

Berlin's amazing Strychnin Gallery is presenting a solo show with new works by multimedia artist David Hochbaum entitled Kaidan Shu - Tales of Mist & Wind.

Normally not a great fan of layered mixed media photographs, I was very impressed by David's new body of work as it possess a great poetic quality and the distinct facial features, vibrant colours and bold Muromachi-inspired brushstrokes make you almost forget that you're actually face to face with the yōkai.

Strychnin says:

"The exhibition is part of the 150th anniversary of Japanese-German friendship and mindful of recent events, Strychnin Gallery at the request of the artist will be donating a percentage of all sales to further relief efforts in Japan."


The show opens this Friday and if you're in Berlin, I suggest you go and have a look.

Consumption by David Hochbaum, gelatin silver print and mixed media - click to enlarge

Opening reception: Friday, Jun 10, 2011, 7 PM onwards

On show: Jun 10 - Jul 10, 2011

Address: STRYCHNIN Gallery, Boxhagenerstr. 36, 10245 Berlin, Germany, tel: +49 30 9700 2035

Gallery hours: Thu - Sun: 12 - 6 PM

Presale link

Artist's website

Featured artists, ArtNerd memberships & how to get in touch (don't)

by Suzanne on May 18th, 2011

Just a quick note to let you know that I finally got a chance to update the featured artists section and it's now linked directly from the header for easier access - giving you an overview of what I've featured here over the years (minus the posts I forgot to tag/before tags were invented, blergh). Well done if you can find yourself on the list!

There's also a lot of new stuff on the forum and I would like to draw attention to two things, mainly the idea of a book and movie club.

Also new are Eyeballs and Political Comics and Symbiosis is fast becoming the new Cephalopoda Erotica & Vatican Pin-Up & Holy Fashion thread.

ArtNerd is still accepting memberships and in case you want to get in touch with me in any way, the sidebar always tells you how but I know that lots of you are getting this via RSS, so here's how:


Please note that email will take the most patience, that I use Facebook mainly for rants, Twitter for x-posts and Flickr and Last.Fm are only updated every other apocalypse. So BASICALLY, leave me alone! ^____^

ArtNerd Membership Scheme

by Suzanne on April 22nd, 2011

"For each new sponsor, a fallen angel will get a puppy."

- BibliOdyssey

UPDATE APRIL 25, 6.30 PM, GMT: Artist and long-time Wurzeltod® favourite Derek Nobbs has confirmed to design our membership cards! Please click here for press we've received and ways to spread this message. Thank you all! x

As announced back in February, I have now finalised the details on the ArtNerd membership scheme to support the Wurzeltod® gallery venture.

Memberships are vaild for 2 years from the date of subscription and there are 5 main membership categories: Junior ArtNerd, ArtNerd, ArtNerd Pro, Super ArtNerd and Pathological ArtNerd. Just like in real life.

Junior is for those who are impoverished themselves but don't want to miss out on a membership card and flyers, ArtNerd is the basic account that comes with a little print, ArtNerd Pro is very much like a MacBook Pro with lots of interactive extras, the Super ArtNerd is the superhero of it all with special powers to extend opening hours etc. and the Pathological ArtNerd REALLY needs medical help because he'll get so many benefits it should be illegal.

You can find out more about the rewards each category offers you by clicking on the little question mark next to it or by scrolling down to the bottom.

I will get back to every submission within 24 hours.

With your support, what you've seen and appreciated online here for a decade can become a brick-and-mortar reality. You rule.








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Junior ArtNerd

• Membership card
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• Membership card
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• End-of-year special limited edition members-only print (edition size determined by amount of ArtNerd members)
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• Invitation to monthly Pro/Super/Pathological ArtNerd art tours to selected London exhibitions, organised and held by Wurzeltod
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• Also available for couples, i.e. people living in the same household

Super ArtNerd

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• Free entry to talks and film nights at ArtNerd
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• Out-of-hours access to gallery by appointment
• Also available for couples, i.e. people living in the same household

Pathological ArtNerd

• Membership card
• Show preview emails
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• End-of-year special limited edition members-only print (edition size determined by amount of ArtNerd members)
ArtNerd t-shirt
• Invitation to monthly Pro/Super/Pathological ArtNerd art tours to selected London exhibitions, organised and held by Wurzeltod
• Free entry to talks and film nights at ArtNerd
• Show pre-previews with artists and Wurzeltod before opening nights
• Out-of-hours access to gallery by appointment
• Discounts on prints and framing and personal advice
• Name will appear as sponsor on flyers etc.


• Warren Ellis: LONDON: ArtNerd Gallery Start-Up Membership


"Please become a member of ArtNerd and help the esteemed Suzanne of Wurzeltod get her unique gallery off the ground. For each new sponsor, a fallen angel will get a puppy."

• Lindsey Carr: New Exhibition Space

"The quite wonderful Suzanne G who runs the art blog Wurzeltod is starting up a new exhibition space called ArtNerd in Brick Lane, London. I can't tell you how excited I am to hear this. She has a wonderfully unique and incisive voice as well as journalistic rigor which is sometimes entirely lacking on art blogs.

She covers a lot of artists I would never have heard of elsewhere and it's not lazy writing either. It's gloriously literary and it's pretty obvious she has an encyclopeadic knowledge of art history. She may be the only person i've read who has a critical edge to her coverage of the new underground/pop-surrealist/new contemporary arts.

In order to help fund this excellent space she is offering a range of membership options from £15 upwards. They last for two years and come with some great perks.

I suggest if you live anywhere in Britain and want to see an art space with a difference you sign yerself up. I am offically an ArtNerd and will wear my badge with pride. If you can't afford to sign up then I heartily recommend Wurzeltod as a source of visual wonder."

• Misanthropop: Art-Nerd Gallery Needs Your Help

"Suzanne has been giving exposure to little-known and extremely talented artists for over a decade.

To help get this wonderful endeavor off the ground, she has started offering several different paid gallery memberships that grant a slew of benefits and exclusive rights and materials. As a member, you’d be a part of Art-Nerd itself.

Suzanne does an awful lot for starving artists and art lovers alike, while asking for very little in return. Help her make the jump from the web to establish an excellent gallery in the fleshworld. These kinds of things need its patrons to thrive. It’s worth it."

• Elspeth McIntosh, artist:

"I have been a fan of Suzanne Gerber's Wurzeltod for many years now. So much inspiration has come from the website to fuel my art, particularly during my undergrad in fine art - without which, my aesthetic and same bad taste would never be the same. Suzanne is now venturing to open a gallery in London with the memberships contributing to the setup of the space - with maaaany benefits to be had. Sincerely brilliant!"

Mario Kaoru Mevy, musician:

"Discovering Suzanne Gerber's blog 2 years ago gave me an incredible creative boost, I discovered so much it's somehow too much for my mind to handle. She is without doubt the most awesome online curator! That will also translate to the "real world" if her gallery project takes off. She is currently looking for supporters for it to work; I'll be a subscriber. Naturally."


Please feel free to grab the code next to the GIF or JPG image below to link to this entry in order to spread the word from your website/blog. Thank you so much for your support!



The Fumetto 2011 Report

by Suzanne on April 14th, 2011

Waiting by the ILLUMAT® for this - Photo by Robert M Fenner, 2011

This year's edition of Fumetto marked the festival's 20th anniversary and it was a worthy celebration of sequential art that I was fortunate enough to attend with The Fenner.

And since all festival director Lynn Kost had to tell me when I congratulted him on the programme was "Yeah, you just came for Dan Clowes!", I thought I should probably at least attempt to prove him wrong by writing this little Fumetto photo love story. Do teenage magazines still print those? I suppose not. I sometimes forget that I could be your collective gramma.

Installation view of Daniel Clowes' retrospective during Fumetto 2011 at Frigorex - Photo by Wurzeltod, 2011

Anyways, so just like every year, there was some outstanding and exceptional work on display: From a post-apocalyptic bombed-out teenage angst shelter to art brut to traditional sequentialism to sausage art. Yes, there were A LOT of sausages from Ampel Magazin, to Beni Bischof (obsessively!), to (more subtly, but STILL!) Brecht Vandenbroucke and Tommi Musturi AND I HAVEN'T EVEN BEEN TO THE SATELLITE EXHIBITIONS! I have been thinking about this trend since my return and to be frank with you, I'm not sure whether it has to do with Lucerne's sick love affair with the "Cervelat" or whether it's more because, after all, every idiot can draw a sausage with a face - including myself. At any rate, I thought it essential to raise this issue.

Artwork by Tommi Musturi for Fumetto 2011 at SBB Tunnel - Photo by Wurzeltod, 2011

But now, and because I'm an opinionated cunt, to my personal Top 5 of Fumetto 2011 in Order of Awesomeness:

1. Daniel Clowes
3. Tommi Musturi
4. Jim Shaw
5. Beni Bischof

6./Honourable mention: Atak

- 1-

Dan Clowes needs no further explanation/introduction/votum as people who know me well are probably sick of me going on about his work. All I can say is that an interview that Rob and I conducted with him will follow later and in the meantime, why not get jealous at my signed copy of Like A Velvet Glove Cast In Iron?! And just one last word to "curator" Susan Miller: That press release was DREADFUL! Particularly compared to Lynn's amazing essays. Just sayin', just sayin'.

- 2 -

The ILLUMAT® (top picture) was a very pleasant surprise this year and I'm glad I waited amongst screaming children and smelly dogs for the Weimar illustration students... errr... ROBOTS to draw me this amazing watercolour with the instructions "Godzilla standing on Mount Fuji with a censored erection. During sunset" (Yes, OF COURSE I wanted to go for "Godzilla Bukkake" first, but so much for self-censorship..)

- 3 -

Projected face paint courtesy of Tommi Musturi and Fumetto 2011 - Photo by Robert M Fenner, 2011

Finnish artist Tommi Musturi was probably my favourite discovery of this year's Fumetto. His candy-coloured neo-new-age worlds and zine works were as psychedelically trippy as they were technically impeccable. That's sensory overload and synapses harakiri at its best!

- 4 -

Jim Shaw is one of those artists I always knew about but had so far subconsciously avoided a confrontation with his oeuvre in the slightly psychotic fear I would hate it or its monochrome character wouldn't have enough essence. Well, I'm glad to say I couldn't have been more wrong and more snobbish. His (very directly) William Blake inspired cycle was one of the big revelations of Fumetto 2011. His works have all the gravitas, all the complexity, all the rebellion, all the cleverness that even elusive Blake himself would have loved this homage to him.

I'm afraid I wasn't allowed to take pictures of this show as it was at the modern art museum. Same applies to Yves Netzhammer whose show was very inspiring too. BOOOO KUNSTMUSEUM LUZERN!

A propos Kunstmuseum Luzern: If you visit the Fumetto exhibits, make sure to check out Patricia Bucher's Schlachtenpanorama one room after Jim Shaw's exhibition as well. You won't regret it.

- 5 -

Detail of Beni Bischof's No Longer Pie in the Sky installation at Fumetto 2011, SBB Tunnel - Photo by Wurzeltod, 2011

Beni Bischof's work is art brut at its best. it's unfiltered and uncensored inspiration put into shape. And they're weird, foamy shapes growing like a fluorescent cancer and pulsating in stroboscopic light. It's unsurprising that a lot of his displays immediately entered my dream cosmos. Lynn called Beni "eine Art Verdauungsmaschine" in his press release and I couldn't agree more.

- 6 -

Let's be honest: Atak's exhibition was the most epic one. And that's precisely why he didn't make it into the top 5. I just don't think he still needs the attention. His Toy Box was a work of genius though and put a giant smile on my face and this here was rather sweet too:

So, kids, what can I tell you? I had a great time, I got a chance to talk at length with one of my biggest comics heroes ever, I have a Godzilla with a giant censored erection, I had fun looking at Pipifax and Analph books I couldn't afford and I got to spend a few days in my home town of Lucerne.

The festival was outstandingly curated and locations (some architecturally stunning, some venerable, some industrial) well chosen. It was a particularly brave (and the right!) choice to put the headliner in an old fridge factory outside the city and not in the central modern art museum. Contextualisation always needs to go before commercialism and easy access.

I would particularly like to thank Dan Clowes, Lynn Kost, Daniela Krienbühl and Fabienne Anthes and everyone else from the amazing Fumetto team for making this all possible. You rock, in case you hadn't noticed.

Oh, and here's a little slideshow with some impressions for all of you who were too lazy to read this. Bastards.

Fumetto is still going on, btw, and all the exhibitions will remain on show until April 17, 2011.

Dan Clowes in conversation at Frigorex, Fumetto 2011 - Photo by Wurzeltod, 2011

Alice Anderson's Childhood Rituals at Freud Museum, London

by Suzanne on March 30th, 2011

Housebound by Alice Anderson, site specific sculpture made of 3000 metres of dolls' hair, 2011 - Photo by Wurzeltod - click to enlarge

You may have noticed that I'm posting events that are still a few weeks ahead of us. That's mainly because I will be off to my home town of Lucerne in a few days to attend the Fumetto Comics Festival! Weeeee!

Anyways, I'll be back in time for Alice Anderson's (previously featured here) amazing Childhood Rituals installation made of 3 km of dolls' hair wrapped around London's Freud Museum - with new sculptural pieces being on show inside the museum.

Alice Anderson about her work:

“I remember the terrible fears I used to have when I was a child left alone at home for many long hours waiting for the return of my mother. At that time I invented rituals for myself to calm my anxieties. These rituals consisted of undoing the thread from seams and I wound these threads around parts of my body and other objects. This obsession became so bad that I started to do the same thing using my hair.”

I don't miss any of Alice's exhibitions as - just like Chiharu Shiota - she has the rare gift to transform surroundings to the point where space becomes irrelevant and time a distant memory.

If you've never had a chance to see her work up close and you happen to be in London tomorrow, you can also catch a glimpse of her commission to All Visual Arts’ Bound at their new Kings Cross location. Kate MccGwire will also have a piece on show.

On show: Apr 15 - Jun 5, 2011

Address: Freud Museum, 20 Maresfield Gardens, London NW3 5SX, UK, tel: +44 (0)20 7435 2002, email: info@freud.org.uk | Map & Directions

Gallery hours: Wed - Sun: 12 - 5 PM

Admission: £6

Press release

Artist's website

RMF's MisanthroPop

by Suzanne on March 29th, 2011

Yo, beautiful people of the internets!

I thought I should let you know about a wee little website/blog I made for my glorious other half, The Fenner®.

It's called MisanthroPop and on it you can:

• find information about his musical projects and upcoming gigs
• read his MISANTHROPIA! - The Greatest Country in the World zine (issue #1 will go online soon, once issue #2 is out)
buy his limited edition 7" with AMERICANMADE and LOBOTOMOBILE on it
• subscribe to his newsletter.

I reckon I'm biased, but I think that's all pretty damn sweet!

Re:fulbright - Y by misanthropop