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Alexandra Vogt at Künstlerhaus Marktoberdorf, Germany

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© Alexandra Vogt

Yaaay! It's such a joyous day for getting carried away in massive web arguments with trolls I didn't even know are reading my blog (hey, it's an honour!), so we will therefore happily continue with the animal theme! ;)

Alexandra Vogt is a young German photographer and visual storyteller fascinated by.. well.. horses, quite obviously.

Some of these photographs might seem weird, obsessive and in some cases even degrading to animals, but take a second look, scratch a little beyond the surface and you'll discover that it's actually the exact opposite.

© Alexandra Vogt

Alexandra has perfectly captured that delicate and ambivalent relationship between rider and horse. Her exhibition MyPonyPlay has (unsurprisingly) received quite some negative criticism in the media, but to me, she's a visionary and I'm glad that one small museum in Germany feels the same and had the courage and determination to devote her and her horses an exhibition - including an open opinion/research blog.

On show until April 12 at Künstlerhaus Marktoberdorf. Details below.

On show: April 4 - 12, 2009

Hours: Thu - Sun/Bank holidays: 2 - 7 PM. Closed over Easter.

Entrance fee: €5 (€3 concessions)

Address: Künstlerhaus Marktoberdorf, Kemptener Straße 5, D-87616 Marktoberdorf, Germany, tel: +49 8342 918 337 | Map & directions

MyPonyPlay Blog

Artist's website

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