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"Fatal diseases make beautiful girls' names.
Pneumonia. Malaria. Cholera."

(By Shanna)

Thank you Shanna, Meagan, Angeliska & Mer for making DJ always worth a visit!

(Found by Karen Leigh)

Yup, it's that silly day soon...

Here are some ideas how you can get yourself through the most overrated day of the year alive and reasonably sane:

• Start your day with a healthy intake of St. Valentine history presented by the fabulous Mr Ze Frank.

• Play Tokidoki's candy-coated Ninja Cupid Game and Gaumina's totally demented Valentine's Game until you get so irritated that you...

• Go to the mall and shoot random strangers with your Love Gun. And then...

• Go home, relax and watch Bin Laden's Valentine video tape followed by the Making Fiends Valentine special that our brilliant data mineress Michelle posted earlier on.

• Later at night, go for a stroll and drop a few heartwarming Love Coupons or the infamous YouYesYou Valentine Cards into your ex's letterbox.

And for all those who want to start preparing for next year's debacle:

Subversive Cross Stitch has some new curses patterns for you and your loved ones!

And don't forget to check out Dame Darcy's running Valentine auctions!

© Dame Darcy - click to enlarge

And finally, happy belated B-Day, my dear Michelle. I wanted to congratulate earlier, but my diary managing armadillo mixed up the dates. Anyway...


P.S.: Did you ever realize that we're all Aquarians, Michelle & Juju?!?

Oh, and also a very happy birthday to Flickr, who was born about a year ago. Truly one of the few purty things on Thee Evil Interweb ov D00m! Live long and prosper, dear Flickr!

Here's my birthday shot for you:

(Oh, and thanks for the kind feature, my favourite grumpy Englishman!)



In totally unrelated news, Mark Dery recently wrote an amazing blog entry about the phallic big toe and how it adds to the polymorphous perversity.

Go read it over at Shovelware!



- I -

A quick note from Steve Ash of the Dionysian Underground for all Londoners:

Sun 20th Feb at 5:15PM

Fortean Ghost and Monster Walk (definitely last one this year!)

→ Meet outside Barbican Tube

Sun 27th Feb at 5PM

The Trail of Spring Heeled Jack (and other 19th century weirdness)

→ Meet outside Bow Church DLR station

All walks £5 - unless you have a wyrd voucher. :)

(via Mark Pilkington)

- II -

Special thanks to Mr Robottle (previously featured here) for looking after my hand. Cheerio!

Okay, now I'm scared... o_O

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