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Posted in Uncategorized by suzanne_tumblr on October 3rd, 2009 | BBC Wikipedia

Today was spent working like a slightly malfunctioning machine at the gallery talking to the ever lovely Aida, the very organised Ian McDonnell (bless!) and the addictively chatty girls from Passion Pictures (hey, they invented Aleksandr Orlov the Meerkat so they’re my heroines!). From the time I got home right until NOW I’ve been cleaning this motherfucker of a flat and now I’ve gotta go to bed because I have to go to work in 6 hours. I have such an exciting life and this post reads like one of my journal entries from when I was 9. Great.

Anyways, this is me (by Rik.. it’s the last one, don’t you worry..) smoking (INDOORS, yay!) like there’s no tomorrow precisely one year before I gave up. Good, nicotine filled days of yore.

Hang on.. there IS no tomorrow! o_O

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