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New Alexander Korzer-Robinson book sculptures!

Posted in Belletristica, Forum, Medicine / Anatomy by Suzanne on December 14th, 2010 | BBC Wikipedia

Family Book by Alexander Korzer-Robinson, cut medical book, ca. 1910, 25cm x 18cm x 4cm - click to enlarge

In a time when lasers cut everything with maximum precision and zero blood, sweat 'n' tears, people like Alexander Korzer-Robinson are an endangered sub-species so it is with great pleasure that I present you his new works!

May I say that considering the amount of time, nerves, plasters & Savlon® involved, these books are an absolute steal and I would buy them all if I had enough cash monehs. Just saying.

You can discuss the Master of the Scalpel's dissected books and other bibliophile matters over on The WurzelForum®

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