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London's Museum of Everything #3 closes tomorrow! RUUUUUN!

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By Walter Potter - image courtesy The Telegraph, click to enlarge

A quick but important last minute call for Londoners/people stuck in London because this city can't cope with winter:

Tomorrow Thursday is your FINAL chance to go and see the amazing Museum of Everything in Primrose Hill co-curated by the great, the magnificent Sir Peter Thomas Blake.

Walter Potter taxidermy? Tick.
Creepy wind-up toys? Tick.
A miniature fairground extravaganza? Tick.
Gorgeous old circus art? Tick.
Amusement machines from a distant past? Tick.
A room covered in shells? Tick.
Curiosa and forteana? Tick.
Politically incorrect freak show photographs? Tick.
Traumatising Judy & Punch sets? Tick.
A jar of sweet free to steal? Tick.
Wurzeltod approved? TICK. TICK. TICK. TICK. TICK.

Now leave everything behind and run! (Well, obviously not RIGHT NOW cause it's dark and stuff...)

The Death and Burial of Cock Robin by Walter Potter - image courtesy The Telegraph, click to enlarge

On show: Oct 13 - Dec 23, 2010

Address: Museum of Everything, right behind the library on the corner of Regents Park Road and Sharpleshall Street, London NW1 | Map & Directions

Gallery hours: 10.30 AM - 6.30 PM

Admission: Donations welcome

Guardian review

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