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Barnaby Barford at David Gill Galleries, London

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We're hoping he'll grow out of it by Barnaby Barford, porcelain, music box, enamel paint, 2007 - click to enlarge

From this weekend onwards, Barnaby Barford (previously featured here and here and of course here) will be showing works from his Love Is... series at David Gill Galleries in London who weren't helpful with sending me image material or providing any other information like opening times and such so I'm afraid I'll have to leave you with the above image from a couple of years back.

But be prepared to see sugar rush-inducing kitsch porcellana forsho.

The exhibition remains on show until the end of June.

On show: Mar 27 - Jun 30, 2011

Address: David Gill Galleries, 3 Loughborough Street, London SW11, UK, tel: +44 (0) 207 793 1100

Press release

Artist's website

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