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Michael Hansmeyer at Smallspace, Berlin

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Hall of Columns by Michael Hansmeyer - click to enlarge

Featured back in March and much admired since then, ETH Zurich architect and programmer genius Michael Hansmeyer, famed for his dystopian, neo-neo-gothic, mandelbrotesque computational architecture pieces is now showing his Deep White column at Berlin's Smallspace Gallery in an exhibition entitled Knots & Facets.

Michael gives us an insight into the fabrication process of the subdivided columns:

"A full-scale, 2.7-meter high variant of the columns is fabricated as a layered model using 1mm sheet. Each sheet is individually cut using a mill or laser. Sheets are stacked and held together by poles that run through a common core.

The calculation of the cutting path for each sheet takes place in several steps. First, the six million faces of the 3D model are intersected with a plane representing the sheet. This step generates a series of individual line segments that are tested for self-intersection and subsequently combined to form polygons. Next, a polygon-in-polygon test deletes interior polygons. A series of filters then ensures that convex polygons with peninsulas maintain a mininimum isthmus width. In a final step, an interior offset is calculated with the aim of hollowing out the slice to reduce weight. [...]"

Sounds beautiful? Looks beautiful! So go see it if you're in Berlin!

Hall of Columns by Michael Hansmeyer - click to enlarge

On show: Apr 28 - May 28, 2011

Address: Smallspace, Brunnenstrasse 178, 10119 Berlin, Germany, email: anna@smallspacegallery.com

Gallery hours: Fri - Sat: 2 - 7 PM, or by appointment

Press release (PDF)

Artist's website

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