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Fuco Ueda at AKI Gallery, Taipei

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Drawing 6 by Fuco Ueda, pencil & acrylic on paper, 295×210 mm, 2010

If you happen to be in Taipei, I'm glad to report that Fuco Ueda - queen of seductively slurping eels and erotically dripping honeycombs - is currently one half of a show taking place at AKI Gallery.

The show's title is Red & Blue and I'm just assuming she's Blue. I guess.

I was particularly excited to see her new drawings being on display - proof, if it were ever needed, that she does really excel in many media and formats.

I'm a bit confused by the exhibition being listed as "private" - this could just be a translation error but please do check with the gallery via email before visiting.

Details below.

Drawing 1 by Fuco Ueda, pencil & acrylic on paper, 295×210 mm, 2010

On show: Sep 10 - Oct 2, 2011

Address: AKI Gallery, 141 Min Tsu W. Road, Taipei 103-69, Taiwan, tel: 886-2-2599-1171, email: aki.taiwan@akigallery.com.tw


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