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Hugo Arcier's "Woman With A Cube"

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Degeneration - woman with a cube from Hugo Arcier on Vimeo.

Every now and again, you stumble upon a visual or musical description that perfectly sums up some very bad drug-induced trip you had in your past.

This post-cubist piece here by French digital artist Hugo Arcier would probably be K and should be accompanied by Nurse With Wound's Ketamineaphonia from their 2008 album Huffin' Rag Blues for an even more papery groovy feel.

The artist himself says about this piece:

"All my 3D objects are afflicted with a degenerative disease. Gripped by terror, they understand what fate awaits them. Gradually they disintegrate, face after face they lose their appearance, with a fatal outcome. In this way the 3D objects die.”

Don't do drugs, kids, do art.

And drugs. If you really cannot help it.


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