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A lazy reblog for a good cause. This comes from my devoted comrade Chris Conn Askew:


so, once again, i have a new print available. actually three prints, sold ONLY as a set. the “ciudad” series. each of the three pieces will be approximately 8”x10” (21x25cm), and they can be framed separately or all together as a triptych. these top quality giclee prints will, as always, be produced by master craftsman Jay Foran at alpha reprographics (see my blog for contact info if you want to make your own prints) on heavy, creamy, luscious Hahnemühle paper imported from Germany (this company has been making some of Europe’s finest paper for over 420 years) in dense, rich “100 year” lighfast pigments. those of you who have ordered in the past will be familiar with the impressive quality of Jay’s work. this print will be strictly limited to an edition of 200, signed and numbered, and once they’re sold out, will never be reprinted. all past prints have at least doubled in value once they are no longer in print.
i just shipped the originals out to the printer, and i am taking pre-orders now, so if you’d like to order a set, please paypal $US 108.00 ($100 + $8 shipping to ANYWHERE in the world, even antarctic research stations) to the following paypal address: nolovelost007@hotmail.com. if you have any questions, please email me ONLY at nolovelost007@hotmail.com, as messages sent through myspace are often misplaced or lost, which is a big drag for both of us.
thanks for looking, and a special thank you to those of you who order. your continued support means so much to me!
i hope this autumn is a wonderful one for all of you…

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