Spreading fear and mayhem in the visual arts.

Jennifer Angus

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© Jennifer Angus
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From top to bottom, left to right:
Jennifer Angus in front of the "Eupholus Bennetti" installation, "Surrounded", "Cross", "Goliathus Hercules" installation view, "Lavender Room" (detail)

"When you first enter the space, you are greeted with something you think you know—that is, a patterned wallpaper that could be in anyone’s home. However, upon closer examination you discover it is made up of insects. I know very few people who welcome insects into their home. In fact, we have a certain hysteria about insects, particularly when found inside.

Culturally insects signal dirtiness and disease to us. Some of that hysteria is based upon fact. For example, the bubonic plague was spread by fleas that resided on rats, West Nile virus is spread by mosquitos, and I read recently that cockroaches in a crowded apartment block in Hong Kong may have helped spread SARS. However, most insects are quite harmless and don’t deserve the blast of Raid that we generally inflict upon them..."

- Jennifer Angus interviewed by the Wisconsin Academy Review (PDF file), 2002

→ Jennifer Angus is exhibiting artworks from her "Goliathus Hercules" series at the John Michael Kohler Arts Center until 15th August 2004.


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