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Roq La Rue's 10th Anniversary Group Show, Seattle

Posted in Exhibitions / Openings / Signings, Eyecandy by Suzanne on July 9th, 2008 | BBC Wikipedia

CarSick by Ronald Kurniawan

Kirsten Anderson's avant-garde Roq la Rue gallery is turning ten this year. An admirable achievement which the gallery intends to celebrate with a group exhibition choke-full of eye candy by many talented artists.

The ever inspiring and impeccably tasteful Kirsten even started an art blog entirely dedicated to The 10th Anniversary Group Show. Weeeeeee!

Opens Friday, 6 - 9 PM. Further details below.

Congratulations, my dear Kirsten!

Opens: Friday, July 11, 2008, 6 - 9 PM

On show: July 11 - August 2, 2008

Opening hours: Weds & Thurs, 1 - 6 PM / Fri, 1 - 7 PM / Sat, 1 - 6 PM

Featuring: Femke Hiemstra, Travis Louie, Mark Ryden, Marion Peck, Scott Musgrove, Liz McGrath, Lori Earley, Ronald Kurniawan (pictured above), et al.

Address: Roq La Rue Gallery, 2312 2nd Avenue, Seattle, WA 98121, USA, tel: (206) 374-8977

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4 comments to " Roq La Rue's 10th Anniversary Group Show, Seattle "

  1. Gravatar

    Kirsten Anderson says:

    Thank you Suzanne!!!

    July 11th, 2008 at 3:46 pm

  2. Gravatar

    Vanwall says:

    Say, this looks RydenPeckish!


    July 16th, 2008 at 2:30 am

  3. Gravatar

    Suzanne says:

    Eeeeep! Deeply scary & disturbing.

    The naked baby creeps me out the most - he has Nicolae CeauÅŸescu's eyes! o_O

    July 19th, 2008 at 6:40 pm

  4. Gravatar

    Vanwall says:

    Ceauşescu’s eyes? Is that like the evil twin of Betty Davis eyes?

    July 25th, 2008 at 6:19 am

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