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New Works by Alex CF & Chris Mars!

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Views of the Henrich Emille Rectangle by Alex CF, mixed media, 2008

I'm very proud to announce that Alex has just completed yet another ingenious project: The Henrich Emille Rectangle.

I think this was the most fascinating assemblage piece to watch evolve to date and the result is simply stunning. Oh, and please rest assured that it looks a gazillion times better than on the amateurish pictures we took of it.

Comforting Loss by Chris Mars, 2008

In other mesmerising news, Chris Mars recently published a series of new works over at Chris Mars Publishing, and once again, I found myself wondering why his creatures look so strangely familiar to me and why I simply cannot help sympathising & empathising with all of them. And then I realised that the answer lies in the expression of their eyes.

They have my eyes. Bleary, weary, weak, clouded, watery, aged eyes. Broken eyes that have seen too much and switch to monochrome vision when they can't stand the disgustingly bright colourfulness of the summer anymore.

Like Leah's eyes - forever defying the pure, the white, the cheerful, the enticing, the capturing in Rachel.

In fact, I wish Chris Mars' characters would come alive - I'd feel more comfortable than ever in their company. And I think Chris would understand:

"Let me tell you something about Monsters. I have great empathy toward Monsters, or more accurately, Perceived Monsters. To me, Monsters are more like misfits, people who are physically deformed, or rather, uniquely formed (as indeed we all are, each of us); or, people who are mentally on a different plane than the majority. By this definition, might I be speaking even of you?

I am sympathetic toward Perceived Monsters, because I have known and loved perceived monsters, and have felt this way myself. [...]

So look closely at my work, look hard. Because I'm trying to show you something beautiful."

(Chris Mars, 2003)

Chris is exhibiting at the Retinal Delights show at Laguna Art Museum, Laguna Beach, through October 5, 2008. His next show is due to open at Billy Shire Fine Arts, Culver City, on September 13, 2008.

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