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Kris Kuksi & Pat Rocha at Joshua Liner, NYC

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The Guardian by Kris Kuksi, 2008, mixed media assemblage - click for details/larger view

Kris Kuksi's - previously featured here - passionately awaited Imminent Utopia show will go on display at Joshua Liner Gallery tomorrow evening bringing you twisted gothic architecture on a microcosmic scale.

The exhibition will feature eleven (!) of Kuksi's insanely detailed, demonic assemblage pieces.

As the show title suggests, Kuksi's grandiose Imminent Utopia sculpture will form the centrepiece of the exhibition. Must. See.

Simultaneously on show are the works of Pat Rocha - highly plastic stills from a collective unconscious mid-20th-century past, painted in deeply complex, Eric Whitesque, semi-translucent layers of oils. Pat's Departure show is highly, highly recommended as well!

Opening reception: Saturday, November 22, 2008, 6 - 9 PM

On show: November 22 - December 20, 2008

Opening times: Tue - Sat, 11 AM - 6 PM

Address: Joshua Liner Gallery, 548 West 28th Street, Suite 334, New York, NY 10001, USA, tel: 212.244.7415 | Map

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