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R.I.P. MaxData

Posted in Interna by Suzanne G. on August 12th, 2004 | BBC Wikipedia

10th November 2000 - 12th August 2004

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Dear Reader

I'm writing to you from my flatmate's iBook.

My good old MaxData is no more. He died early this morning after a series of short and painless electro-strokes.

He took my HD with 3 years worth of emails, university files, personal data, photographs and GIFs with him.

Over 9'700 emails are gone forever...

I cannot describe how I feel right now. But it comes close to the feeling you get seconds before some bastard with acute encephalitis blasts your guts out with a 122mm bowel-disruptor.

I cannot afford to buy a new PC right now. Please bear with me and understand that I'll be away from this blog and my forum for several weeks.

Take care.


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