Spreading fear and mayhem in the visual arts.

Buried Dreams

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© Alessandro Bavari (1)
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La Comtesse de Sang
Your seeds of madness
The colour of eternity
They blossom in torture
In an autumn of fear
In a harvest of pain
In a garden of evil

La Comtesse de Sang
Can you recall
The faces
The bodies
The voices
The blood that flows each dawn
A chemical nightmare
Just look in the mirror
Stain of your image
Burnt into metal

- Excerpt from "Buried Dreams" by Clock DVA (... who are still as brilliant as almost 30 years ago!)



Archaeological sensation of the century:

German archaeologists find lavatory where Martin Luther launched the Reformation of the Christian church in the 16th Century



Please sign the online petition to save the French Imprimerie Nationale - a unique and priceless historic collection of books, letterform and character punches from the 16th century to the present.



I'd be very grateful if someone could point me to an online gallery with good quality publicity shots of Theda Bara in "A Fool There Was". Thanks.



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I'm currently looking for an experimental Switzerland-based photographer who doesn't run away the first time he sees me for various projects involving gasmasks, power-tools, chainsaws, guillotines and horse carcasses. Oh, and lemons! that I have in mind. Please email me if you are a photographer or know of one.

I also updated the gallery section with some new images and removed old and dusty ones.



I put my brother's little portfolio website online.
It's still a test version - please let me know whether it shows up correctly on your browser(s). Cheerio!




(From top to bottom, left to right)

A. Bavari: CD booklet for JANUS
A. Bavari: Insecta Queen
A. Bavari: Il giardino di Jerome
A. Bavari: Tre Voyeur
A. Bavari: Citta' di Gomorra

Alessandro Bavari is currently exhibiting new works at the Salon Art Paris - held at the Carrousel du Louvre. Other selected artists include Aurélie Ben Barek, Katrin Fridriks, Eric Bottero, Tashi Bharucha, Cyril Anguelidis and Gianluca Fratantonio.

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