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Calendarium Octobris Universale

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22nd October 2004

Strange Attractor on air at 9.30 PM (UK time) on London's Resonance 104.4 FM covering the topic "London - What Lies Beneath".

27th October 2004

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I-ii-ii-t's... Monty Python's Flying Circus John Cleese's 65th birthday! Would you believe it?!? The chronically underfed and Creutzfeld-Jacob infected lemurs in John Cleese's basement have created this beautiful online birthday card and they want YOU to sign it.
Run awaa-aaaay!

28th October 2004

Pictoplasma Conference in Berlin, GERMANY, featuring globally renowned design artists such as FriendsWithYou, Rinzen, Gary Baseman, François Chalet, Pete Fowler and many more.

30th October 2004

A whole bunch of events:

Hardact Night with yummy breakcore and dark electro noises @ Amalgame Club in
Yverdon-Les-Bains, SWITZERLAND.

ForteanTimes Unconvention 2004
@ Friends House in Euston Road, London, UNITED KINGDOM.
This year's speakers include Ken Campbell, Paul Devereux, Gail-Nina Anderson and John Downes, with topics ranging from "The Quest for Ectoplasm" to "The Mad Gasser of Mattoon". Yaaaay!

Bride of Spookycon in San Francisco, US of A. Confirmed guests include Warren Ellis as "Guest of Honour" (Weeeeeee! Go Warren!), Tatiana Maslany, Christa Faust and Brett Sullivan.

→ Opening of the "Things With Wings" Halloween group show at M Modern Gallery in Palm Springs,
US of A, featuring entre autres the stunning artworks of Heidi Taillefer.



I recently stumbled upon two newish fortean blogs. I'm not too sure about the rather confusing (or should I say "magickally kaotick") concept behind "Key 23", but I quite enjoyed reading "Haroeris Astrum":

Key 23

Haroeris Astrum

... and in other news, Pinstruck got dug up from the grave and is finally back online for your digital voodoo pleasures! :)



How to Scientifically Dissect a Mermaid

People Are Human-Bacteria Hybrid


Phew! ... and now, please join me for a virtual
Blogger Flapper Ball!


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