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Chère imagination...

by Suzanne on April 30th, 2006

© Gervasio Gallardo - click to enlarge - via Phantasmaphile

'Chère imagination, ce que j'aime surtout en toi, c'est que tu ne pardonnes pas.'

(Extrait du Manifeste du surréalisme par André Breton)


© Zachary Rossman - click to enlarge

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© Gretchen Ryan at Roq la Rue - click to enlarge

Für immer und ewig? – The world’s most photographed at Museum Ludwig in Köln, Germany.

→ Finissage: May 1, 2006

Yumiko Kayukawa & John John Jesse's Year of the Dog at Shooting Gallery in San Francisco, USA.

→ Vernissage: May 4, 2006, 7 - 11 PM (+ book signing for Yumiko)

Ever After at Roq la Rue in Seattle, USA.

→ Finissage: May 6, 2006

→ Featuring: Moira Hahn, Amy Crehore, and Gretchen Ryan.

Unforgiving at The Changing Room in NYC, USA.

→ Finissage: May 6, 2006 | Flyer

→ Featuring: James Jean, Brendan Danielsson, Robert Hardgrave, et al.

Jeremiah Ketner & Evah Fan's Pitter Patter at Hotcakes Gallery in Milwaukee, USA.

→ Finissage: May 7, 2006

Another Glorious Nosebleed

by Suzanne on October 13th, 2005

© and feat. Suzanne G. - click to enlarge


© Lori Earley - click to enlarge

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© Akif Hakan Celebi for Phirebrush #32

Clandestina #39 | Head Magazine #26 | Humus #5 | Phirebrush #32 | Shift #107


Still from "Spook"

Sixes Last - Beautifully surreal mecha-nature video | Spook - Eerie ghost girl finds cuddly teddy bear


© Ray Caesar at The Affordable Art Fair - click to enlarge

• Diane Arbus' Revelations at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London, UK.

→ Vernissage: Tonight, October 13, 2005

View exhibition website | Preview & review by The Guardian

John John Jesse's Idol Worship at Art@Large Gallery in NYC, USA.

→ Vernissage: Tonight, October 13, 2005

→ Preview J.J.'s new works online

Sas & Colin Christian at The Shooting Gallery in San Francisco, USA.

→ Vernissage: Tonight, October 13, 2005

Bad Moon Rising at Roq La Rue Gallery in Seattle, USA.

→ Vernissage: October 14, 2005

→ Featuring: Lisa Petrucci, Joshua Petker, Luke Chueh, Ryan Bubnis, Travis Louie, Andrew Brandou, and many more.

• Team Kitten & Simon Morse's FETISH Exhibition at the Cross Street Orphanage in Auckland, New Zealand.

→ Vernissage: October 14, 2005

View flyer

Johann Heinrich Füssli retrospective at Kunsthaus Zürich, Switzerland.

→ Vernissage: October 14, 2005

Tim Biskup & Dalek at the Jonathan LeVine Gallery in NYC, USA.

→ Vernissage: October 15, 2005

• Jake & Dinos Chapman's Like a dog returns to its vomit at White Cube Gallery in London, UK.

→ Vernissage: October 19, 2005

Ray Caesar (et al.) at The Affordable Art Fair in London, UK.

→ Running: October 20-23, 2005

Frieze Art Fair at Regent's Park in London, UK.

→ Running: October 21-24, 2005

The Pony Project at Milk Gallery in NYC, USA.

→ Running: October 21-25, 2005

→ Featuring some of today's leading female artists

MONSTER - An International Group Show at Just Be Design / Compound Gallery in Portland, USA.

→ Finissage: October 31, 2005

→ Featuring: Charles Glaubitz, Gordon Wiebe, Jon Burgerman, David Barneda, David Lee, Kristian Olson, Saiman Chow, Teriyaki Tagashira, Rokutaku Sakamoto and Gen


Les trois mousquetaires (Alexandre Dumas père / French) | The Chemical History of a Candle (Michael Faraday / English)


Alan Moore vs Brian Eno (by BBC 4's Chain Reaction) | Amy Crehore interview (by The Drama Magazine) | Ana Bagayan interview (by Fecal Face) | Ellen von Unwerth interview I (by American Photo) | Ellen von Unwerth interview II (by Salon) | Neil Gaiman & Dave McKean interview (by Nerve) | Neil Gaiman & Susanna Clarke interview (by Salon)


Monty Python's Flying Circus - The complete unexpurgated scripts of the original TV series


The Wassmann Foundation - The mysterious art of Johann Dieter Wassmann


Never read people's websites whose lives you wish to have. It will only depress you and make you feel utterly worthless. Instead, try to be realistic and embrace your true talents.


I added more books to my book sale page - more will be added in the next few days. If you consider buying a book, please do it now so that I don't have to move them all to my new home. Thanks.

Oh, did I mention that I've had a nasty stomach flu for almost 3 weeks now? I just think I deserve your money sympathy.

Knitted by Dozens of Grannies Out of Pink Wool

by Suzanne on September 22nd, 2005

© Isabel Samaras, who's currently exhibiting her works at the Shooting Gallery in S.F. - click to enlarge


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Madsaki and Jun Takahashi (published by YouWorkForThem) | Manuel Manilla: Monografia (published by YouWorkForThem)


Above interview (by Crown Dozen) | Chris Ware interview (by the BBC Collective) | Jeff Soto interview (by Fecal Face) | Nathan Jurevicius interview (by Crown Dozen) | Sylvia Ji interview (by Fecal Face)


Norwegian Black Metal - Stunning photography project by Peter Beste


© Sean Cheetham

Glenn Ness, Sean Cheetham, Paul Rogers at the Mendenhall Sobieski Gallery in Pasadena, USA.

→ Finissage: October 4, 2005

© Sam Weber

Bedtime Stories - an online exhibition over at Sekushi.com.

→ Featuring: Sam Weber, Az Star, Björn Andersson, Bob Fisher, Robert Hardgrave, et al.

→ Finissage: December 21, 2005

© Stéphane Blanquet

The BLAB! Show at Track 16 Gallery in Santa Monica, USA.

→ Featuring: Stéphane Blanquet, Tim Biskup, Gary Baseman, David Sandlin, Fred Stonehouse, Christian Northeast, Jonathon Rosen, Laura Levine, Spain, Drew Friedman, et al.

→ Vernissage: September 24, 2005 | Finissage: October 8, 2005 | Link: BLAB! anthology archives

© Haunted Memories

The Perfect Medium - Photography and the Occult at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, USA.

→ Vernissage: September 27, 2005 | Finissage: December 31, 2005

NYT review on the exhibition: Ghosts in the Lens, Tricks in the Darkroom

N.B.: Festival goers shouldn't miss Resfest 2005 in London, Small Press Expo in Bethesda, the World Beard Championships WHY BERLIN! No. 4 in Berlin and Maschinenfest 05 in Krefeld.

Oh, and in other most thrilling artsy news, UbuWeb is back online, the Outré Gallery finally launched its new website and the Italian Colletto Fava mountain just got a tad pinker & fluffier. Weeeee!

And a final note to all Helvetistani readers: Even if you don't care the slightest µ about surrealism, make sure you don't miss this exhibition - featuring a breathtaking motherload of cher monsieur René Magritte's works. Also, the Fondation Beyeler painted the gallery walls in the most enchanting shade of lilac - probably the most flattering colour to exhibit Magritte's works. Reduced admission fees on Mondays and Wednesdays.