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A Survivor's Ta... il

by Suzanne G. on January 19th, 2005

© Andrew Brandou (1)
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I now kind of wish that I had fought for world peace instead of for comic books. Comics are doing a lot better than the world around them.
In the past two years, it's like librarians have embraced comics, museums have embraced comics, and literary critics have embraced comics.
A few years back, it just seemed like a fantasy. One was working in much more of a ghetto.

Art Spiegelman in an Onion interview on Maus,
No Towers and on... err.. a career of killing women and dropping them in buckets of cement) o_O



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"I know this man, I know this man with the accordion," Mrs. Aronson recalls saying as she looked at the image of young people celebrating the arrival of Soviet troops in Lodz.

"This is my boyfriend, Wysocki Szlomo, my first love."

(Culled from yesterday's NYT article on the survivors of the Lodz ghetto)

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Thee Blog ov Psychick Blah proudly presents a glorious follow-up to last year's post on Victorian Skating Fun:

Yes, this time, it's Victorian Cinema Mania - The Who's Who & What's What of Victorian Cinema!

Born Frederick Muller in Konigsberg, Germany, 'The Modern Hercules' as he was known, was already an established entertainer when he travelled out to West Orange to be filmed in Edison's Black Maria on 6 March 1894. [...]
He died as the result of a stroke after single-handedly lifting an automobile out of a ditch.

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Kinetoscope with Phonograph cylinder audio player built in and earphones, 1895

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Today's poète lauréat: A certain Miss M. from a barbarian place called Australia:

"Once I finish sculpting potatoes with my toenails we will all be together because I will be rich and famous, living in a castle in Scotland, with Billy Connelly as part of my entourage."



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