Spreading fear and mayhem in the visual arts.

by suzanne_tumblr on January 10th, 2010

© Dan Quintana - Preview for his and Brian Viveros’ upcoming show at CoproNason

Superschool at CoproNason: Opening tomorrow!

by Suzanne on March 7th, 2009

"Bull-Fight-Her" by Brian Viveros, oil & mixed media on maple board, 2009 - click for details/larger view

Sorry for the long absence - too much to post about and way too little time. And I'm afraid it will stay that way for the time being until things/life gets a bit less stressful.

However, a great show that's not to be missed opens its doors at CoproNason in Santa Monica tomorrow:

Superschool is curated by none other than Lola and features works by Brian Viveros, Scott Musgrove, Michael Page, Kris Lewis, Travis Louie, Gary Baseman, Heiko Müller, Chris Ryniak, Ana Bagayan, Mia, Dan Quintana, Tin and many, many more.

The reception is tomorrow, March 7, 8 - 11:30 PM. Further details below.

© Kris Lewis, 2009 - click for details/larger view

Opening reception: Saturday, March 7, 8 - 11:30 PM

On show: March 7 - 28, 2009

Address: CoproNason Gallery, Bergamot Station T5, 2525 Michigan Avenue, Santa Monica, CA 90404, USA, tel: 310-829-2156

Preview show | Press release


"Prairie Boxer" by Scott Musgrove, mixed media, 2009 - click for details/larger view

The Drawing Room at ThinkSpace: Final Days!

by Suzanne on November 28th, 2008

Haunted #11 by Joao Ruas, pencil and watercolour on 200gr watercolour paper - click for details/larger view

I'm not sure why I always end up liking male artists exhibiting at women-dominated group shows best, but I'm afraid I can't help myself and it seems that out of all the 25 artists presented at The Drawing Room, monsieur Joao Ruas' oeuvre (see above) has definitely left the biggest impression on me.

Maybe it's his JamesJeanJeremyEnecioesque rendering or maybe I just like people with reddened nose tips and belly button body mods (see small image below). I dunno.

Evolution (The Dirty Land II) by Brian M. Viveros, graphite, watercolour & airbrush on handmade archival paper - click for details/larger view

I do know, however, that despite fighting it, I'm also still very much in love with Brian Viveros' airbrushed charcoal textures, even though the chain smoking really gets on my nerves these days. I understand that Nicorette® pacifiers are way less aesthetically pleasing, but I really wish his characters would finally decide to quit or at least move on to another, less predictable addiction. Thank you.

Anyway, in case you haven't heard of it a thousand times on a thousand art blogs yet: The Drawing Room - curated by Audrey Kawasaki - features the work of 25 talented young artists and will close its doors this Saturday, November 29, 2008.

Left: Haunted #16 by Joao Ruas | Right: Mata-Adore by Brian M. Viveros - click for details/larger view

Closing: Tomorrow, Saturday, November 29, 2008

Opening times: Thur - Sun: 1 - 6 PM

Address: Thinkspace Art Gallery, 4210 Santa Monica Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90029, USA, tel: (323) 913-3375 | Map

Featuring: Joao Ruas, Brian Viveros, Audrey Kawasaki, Stella Im Hultberg, Amy Sol, Kukula, Jessica McCourt, Irana Douer, Catherine Campbell, Lilly Piri, Amy Earles, Jason Levesque, Travis Louie, and others.

Press release | Preview works | Flyer | Opening night photos

Noxious Fumes at Rivet Gallery, Columbus

by Suzanne on October 3rd, 2008

Evil Last by Brian Viveros - click for details/larger version

Okay, I admit it right away: The painting posted above won't be on show at Noxious Fumes - a postapocalyptic, gasmask themed group show opening at Rivet Gallery tomorrow - but I needed a contextual excuse to post it because I think it's Brian's finest work.

However, Brian Viveros will indeed exhibit at the show - alongside such great artists as Chris Peters, Tin, Kathie Olivas, Chet Zar, Annie Owens, Davey Wong & Doktor A. Woohooo!

I don't know why I just said woohooo! - my face looks terribly silly when I say that. o_O

Opening: Tomorrow, October 4, 2008, 7 - 10 PM

On show: October 4 - 29, 2008

Address: Rivet, 1200 N. High St., Columbus, OH 43201, USA

Preview works

Artist's website

'She's just like a Swiss person.'

by Suzanne on September 29th, 2006

Swiss Bitch by Brian Viveros - click to enlarge

Why is it that whenever I am so bored out of my mind that I watch 'Arena', there's Jasmin Hutter's big freckled mouth shouting insult at the foreign population living in Switzerland? Is it not enough for you, Miss Hutter, that - thanks to the BBC - even the English will always remember your blatant xenophobia and stupidity for saying things like:

'You know one of my best friends is Turkish originally. But really you'd never know it, she's just like a Swiss person.'

I'm a very stoic person and trust me, it takes a lot to make me scream and shout at an innocent TV screen. And even though I very much prefer topical to personal confrontation: Enough is enough. I think it's time to let you know that it's the likes of you - and not those barbarian 'foreigners' you obviously love to hate so much - who make me and my friends want to leave this country in a tiny fishing boat. You are the reason why I tell everyone that I'm from Novosibirsk when I stay as a guest in a foreign country.

Jesus Christ... we're almost the same age, Miss Hutter... yet it feels like there are light years and millions of CFC-enriched cans of hairspray between us when it comes to trying to understand and communicate with fellow humans. Because that's what those 21% of our population are: Fellow humans. Not parasites.

You should be ashamed of yourself, Miss Hutter. And so should you, SF1, for always inviting her to your show.

Even Especially if she pays good money to be on it.

Left-wing historian Hans-Ulrich Jost on xenophobia in Switzerland

Pieceoplastic interviews “Kinn Hacke” from Klatsch