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Blood Tea and Red String

by Suzanne on January 29th, 2006

© Christiane Cegavske - still from Blood Tea and Red String

Where to start?

Christiane Cegavske is a puppeteer, a doll artisan, a Victorian & Edwardian couturière, a painter, a book maker & poet, a board game designer... and, as I just found out via the all-knowing Miss Kerry Kate, an insanely talented film-maker.

Her newest stop-motion feature Blood Tea and Red String (watch trailer) is her "labor of love of the last 12 years", as Christiane puts it.

Her synopsis of the movie:

"Blood Tea and Red String is a charming story of love and greed, creation and loss, life and death.

This dialogue free film tells the tale of the struggle between the aristocratic White Mice and the rustic Creatures Who Dwell Under the Oak over the doll of their heart's desire.

The Mice commission the Oak Dwellers to create a beautiful doll for them. When she is complete, the Creatures fall in love with her and refuse to give her up. Resorting to thievery the Mice abscond with her in the middle of the night.

Meet fantastical creatures and view dazzling scenery as the Creatures Who Dwell Under the Oak journey through this mystical land to reclaim their love.

A heart rending musical score that was composed and performed by Mark Growden accompanies all of this beauty."

San Francisco folks have the incredible luck and honour to see the world premiere of Blood Tea and Red String at the S.F. Independent Film Festival.

The two screening dates are:

Thursday, February 2nd at the Castro Theater at 5:00 pm

Saturday, February 4th at the Roxie at noon

Watch trailer

Oh, and if you like Christiane's work, why don't you buy some precious things to show her your love and support?