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"Bakers Dozen" feat. Xiao Guo Hui at Christopher Cutts Gallery, Toronto

by Suzanne on February 13th, 2011

The Magician by Xiao Guo Hui, egg tempera on linen, 2010 - click to enlarge

A Canadian gallery whose selection of artists I have long envied is Christopher Cutts Gallery in Toronto with masters like Mat Brown (hells yeah!), Xiao Guo Hui (above), Peggy Kouroumalos (recently featured here), Christy Langer and Richard Stipl (featured in PorcelLana Nervosa) in their collection, to just name a few.

The gallery now honours thirteen of its talents in a group show aptly entitled Bakers Dozen which opened on Thursday and will remain on show until March 5.

All of the artists mentioned above are amongst the exhibiting artists so this looks like a very promising show indeed.

On show: Feb 10 - Mar 5, 2011

Address: Christopher Cutts Gallery, 21 Morrow Avenue, Toronto, ON, M6R 2H9, Canada, tel: 416-532-5566, email: info@cuttsgallery.com | Directions

Gallery hours: Tue - Sat: 10 AM - 6 PM

Preview show

Featuring: Xiao Guo Hui, Peggy Kouroumalos, Richard Stipl, Christy Langer, Mat Brown and others.

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© Christy Langer - please give her credit, my children - she surely deserves it!

November Exhibitions

by Suzanne on November 4th, 2007

It's getting cold outside. The perfect time to join the crowds of homeless people and/or students who haven't paid their electricity and heating bills and make yourself at home in one of these warm and illuminated galleries:

Heather Nevay: Showtime

In the Long Grass by Heather Nevay

Who: Heather Nevay

Where: Open Eye Gallery, Edinburgh, Scotland

When: On view till November 6, 2007

Why: Because you'll get to see all new works by Heather!

Ryan Heshka, Brian Despain & Scott Musgrove

Albino Walktopus by Scott Musgrove

Who: Ryan Heshka, Brian Despain & Scott Musgrove

Where: Roq La Rue, Seattle WA

When: Opening November 9, 2007

Why: Because even my armadillo likes Musgrove.

Christy Langer: Suspended Animation

Six Points by Christy Langer

Who: Christy Langer

Where: Katharine Mulherin Contemporary , Toronto, Canada

When: On view till November 24, 2007

Why: Because white resin is the new black.

Judy Fox: Snow White and the Seven Sins

From the Snow White and the Seven Sins series by Judy Fox

Who: Judy Fox

Where: P·P·O·W, New York NY

When: On view till November 24, 2007

Why: Because her new sculptures look like Hans Bellmer's and Jim Woodring's mutant offspring. Awwww!