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David Hochbaum at Strychnin, Berlin... and Tetris Dreams

by Suzanne on June 8th, 2011

In a night filled with some of the most psychotic dreams ever - including a trained toad that would get me sweets from vending machines, walking barefoot over a bridge made of snakes, meeting the bored 1940s secretary who accidentally invented the D-beat - Sigur Ros launched a RL tetris with me at the controllers where everyone got squashed to death because I'm so damn good at tetris.

As a player inside the RL tetris you were given a choice between 3 pills without knowing what they were: A black one to die immediately without having to endure the agony of being squashed by the giant pieces, a blue one to not feel any pain and a green one to send in one of your friends instead.

I hope you can understand that a) I will keep today's posts short and b) I need help.

Return by David Hochbaum, gelatin silver print and mixed media - click to enlarge

Berlin's amazing Strychnin Gallery is presenting a solo show with new works by multimedia artist David Hochbaum entitled Kaidan Shu - Tales of Mist & Wind.

Normally not a great fan of layered mixed media photographs, I was very impressed by David's new body of work as it possess a great poetic quality and the distinct facial features, vibrant colours and bold Muromachi-inspired brushstrokes make you almost forget that you're actually face to face with the yōkai.

Strychnin says:

"The exhibition is part of the 150th anniversary of Japanese-German friendship and mindful of recent events, Strychnin Gallery at the request of the artist will be donating a percentage of all sales to further relief efforts in Japan."


The show opens this Friday and if you're in Berlin, I suggest you go and have a look.

Consumption by David Hochbaum, gelatin silver print and mixed media - click to enlarge

Opening reception: Friday, Jun 10, 2011, 7 PM onwards

On show: Jun 10 - Jul 10, 2011

Address: STRYCHNIN Gallery, Boxhagenerstr. 36, 10245 Berlin, Germany, tel: +49 30 9700 2035

Gallery hours: Thu - Sun: 12 - 6 PM

Presale link

Artist's website

David Hochbaum at Strychnin Gallery, London

by Suzanne on April 18th, 2008

Transference by David Hochbaum, 2007

David Hochbaum's new solo show entitled Tracking Invisible Cities has just opened at Strychnin London and if you're really quick, you can still make it to the opening reception. Yay!

If, however, you won't be able to attend in person because you're out robbing grannies again, here's the presale link.

Opening reception: NOW!, April 18, 2008, 7 - 11 PM

On show: April 18 - May 8, 2008

Address: Strychnin London, 65 Hanbury Street, London, E1 5JP, UK

Preview exhibited works | Flyer

The Guild Of The Black Eagle Group Show

by Suzanne on November 29th, 2006

© David Hochbaum - click to enlarge

The Guild of The Black Eagle in conjunction with Capla Kesting Fine Art, McCaig-Welles Gallery, and Strychnin Gallery present "II".

Featuring the works of David Hochbaum, Rik Garrett¹ , David Stoupakis and many, many others...

© Rik Garrett - click to enlarge

An opening reception will be held tonight, Nov 29th, 7 PM - 12 AM at David Hochbaum's Studio in NYC.

(93 Second Ave. #1 btwn. 5th and 6th streets downtown NYC).

The show runs until Feb 1st, 2007.

→ Viewing the exhibit after the opening is by appointment only. You may call David at 917-509-9773

© David Stoupakis - click to enlarge


¹ Buy prints by Rik Garrett at the WurzelShoppe!