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ArtNerd Membership Scheme

by Suzanne on April 22nd, 2011

"For each new sponsor, a fallen angel will get a puppy."

- BibliOdyssey

UPDATE APRIL 25, 6.30 PM, GMT: Artist and long-time Wurzeltod® favourite Derek Nobbs has confirmed to design our membership cards! Please click here for press we've received and ways to spread this message. Thank you all! x

As announced back in February, I have now finalised the details on the ArtNerd membership scheme to support the Wurzeltod® gallery venture.

Memberships are vaild for 2 years from the date of subscription and there are 5 main membership categories: Junior ArtNerd, ArtNerd, ArtNerd Pro, Super ArtNerd and Pathological ArtNerd. Just like in real life.

Junior is for those who are impoverished themselves but don't want to miss out on a membership card and flyers, ArtNerd is the basic account that comes with a little print, ArtNerd Pro is very much like a MacBook Pro with lots of interactive extras, the Super ArtNerd is the superhero of it all with special powers to extend opening hours etc. and the Pathological ArtNerd REALLY needs medical help because he'll get so many benefits it should be illegal.

You can find out more about the rewards each category offers you by clicking on the little question mark next to it or by scrolling down to the bottom.

I will get back to every submission within 24 hours.

With your support, what you've seen and appreciated online here for a decade can become a brick-and-mortar reality. You rule.








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Junior ArtNerd

• Membership card
• Show preview emails
• Show flyers, mini posters, stickers and badges


• Membership card
• Show preview emails
• Show flyers and mini posters
• End-of-year special limited edition members-only print (edition size determined by amount of ArtNerd members)
ArtNerd t-shirt

ArtNerd Pro

• Membership card
• Show preview emails
• Show flyers and mini posters
• End-of-year special limited edition members-only print (edition size determined by amount of ArtNerd members)
ArtNerd t-shirt
• Invitation to monthly Pro/Super/Pathological ArtNerd art tours to selected London exhibitions, organised and held by Wurzeltod
• Free entry to talks and film nights at ArtNerd
• Also available for couples, i.e. people living in the same household

Super ArtNerd

• Membership card
• Show preview emails
• Show flyers and mini posters
• End-of-year special limited edition members-only print (edition size determined by amount of ArtNerd members)
ArtNerd t-shirt
• Invitation to monthly Pro/Super/Pathological ArtNerd art tours to selected London exhibitions, organised and held by Wurzeltod
• Free entry to talks and film nights at ArtNerd
• Show pre-previews with artists and Wurzeltod before opening nights
• Out-of-hours access to gallery by appointment
• Also available for couples, i.e. people living in the same household

Pathological ArtNerd

• Membership card
• Show preview emails
• Show flyers and mini posters
• End-of-year special limited edition members-only print (edition size determined by amount of ArtNerd members)
ArtNerd t-shirt
• Invitation to monthly Pro/Super/Pathological ArtNerd art tours to selected London exhibitions, organised and held by Wurzeltod
• Free entry to talks and film nights at ArtNerd
• Show pre-previews with artists and Wurzeltod before opening nights
• Out-of-hours access to gallery by appointment
• Discounts on prints and framing and personal advice
• Name will appear as sponsor on flyers etc.



"Please become a member of ArtNerd and help the esteemed Suzanne of Wurzeltod get her unique gallery off the ground. For each new sponsor, a fallen angel will get a puppy."

• Lindsey Carr: New Exhibition Space

"The quite wonderful Suzanne G who runs the art blog Wurzeltod is starting up a new exhibition space called ArtNerd in Brick Lane, London. I can't tell you how excited I am to hear this. She has a wonderfully unique and incisive voice as well as journalistic rigor which is sometimes entirely lacking on art blogs.

She covers a lot of artists I would never have heard of elsewhere and it's not lazy writing either. It's gloriously literary and it's pretty obvious she has an encyclopeadic knowledge of art history. She may be the only person i've read who has a critical edge to her coverage of the new underground/pop-surrealist/new contemporary arts.

In order to help fund this excellent space she is offering a range of membership options from £15 upwards. They last for two years and come with some great perks.

I suggest if you live anywhere in Britain and want to see an art space with a difference you sign yerself up. I am offically an ArtNerd and will wear my badge with pride. If you can't afford to sign up then I heartily recommend Wurzeltod as a source of visual wonder."

• Misanthropop: Art-Nerd Gallery Needs Your Help

"Suzanne has been giving exposure to little-known and extremely talented artists for over a decade.

To help get this wonderful endeavor off the ground, she has started offering several different paid gallery memberships that grant a slew of benefits and exclusive rights and materials. As a member, you’d be a part of Art-Nerd itself.

Suzanne does an awful lot for starving artists and art lovers alike, while asking for very little in return. Help her make the jump from the web to establish an excellent gallery in the fleshworld. These kinds of things need its patrons to thrive. It’s worth it."

• Elspeth McIntosh, artist:

"I have been a fan of Suzanne Gerber's Wurzeltod for many years now. So much inspiration has come from the website to fuel my art, particularly during my undergrad in fine art - without which, my aesthetic and same bad taste would never be the same. Suzanne is now venturing to open a gallery in London with the memberships contributing to the setup of the space - with maaaany benefits to be had. Sincerely brilliant!"

Mario Kaoru Mevy, musician:

"Discovering Suzanne Gerber's blog 2 years ago gave me an incredible creative boost, I discovered so much it's somehow too much for my mind to handle. She is without doubt the most awesome online curator! That will also translate to the "real world" if her gallery project takes off. She is currently looking for supporters for it to work; I'll be a subscriber. Naturally."


Please feel free to grab the code next to the GIF or JPG image below to link to this entry in order to spread the word from your website/blog. Thank you so much for your support!



by suzanne_tumblr on October 26th, 2010

My friend Derek Nobbs - who also has a very stylish blog over here, btw - really knows how to get my attention: 

“You as awesome as 3 dead octopi reanimated by a cthulhu fart!”

Yeah, that’s meeeeeeeeeee. Innit?

(Ballad of the Wicked and Timber by The Nobbs)

by suzanne_tumblr on January 13th, 2010

Behold, The Goatman by my friend Derek Nobbs, watercolour, pencil & gold leaf, 2010 

A Forest

by Suzanne on November 20th, 2006

© Julia Fullerton-Batten (detail) - click for full picture

Die Toten meiner Jahrtausende
Sind auferstanden. Meiner Väter Blick
Ging über mich, es wandelte
Leicht die Nähe der Erwachenden.

Im Abend aber entschliefen sie
Plötzlich; aus ihren Augenhöhlen
Brachen Blumen, ihres Atems Stille griff
Nach meinem Herzen, eine blaue Hand.

(Wald by Maria Luise Weissmann, 1899-1929)


November: She Disappeared © Derek Nobbs¹

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Also: ArtDorks est mort. Vive ArtDorks!


Adventures of Huckleberry Finn (by Mark Twain / English / Audio)

Alice's Adventures in Wonderland (by Lewis Carroll / English / Audio)

Andersen's Fairy Tales (by Hans Christian Andersen / English / Audio)

Auf der Galerie (by Franz Kafka / German / Audio)

Beowulf (by Anonymous / English / Audio)

Beyond Good and Evil (by Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche / English / Audio)

Die Leiden des jungen Werther (by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe / German / Audio)

Dracula (by Bram Stoker / English / Audio)

Emma (by Jane Austen / English / Audio)

Mary Stuart (by Johann Christoph Friedrich von Schiller / English)

The Complete Work of Charles Darwin (by Charles Darwin / English / Ill.)

The Robbers (by Johann Christoph Friedrich von Schiller / English)

Wilhelm Tell (by Johann Christoph Friedrich von Schiller / English / Wurzeltod® recommendation)


Camille Rose Garcia interview (by Crown Dozen)

Josh Keyes interview (by Fecal Face)

Rik Garrett interview (by Eros Zine)


N° 1

I have funny feet.

N° 2

I'll be rather busy working on presentations about Albrecht Dürer, Francisco de Goya and J. M. W. Turner until the end of January - i.e. I won't have time for lengthy updates in the next few weeks. Thanks for your patience.

N° 3

Art prints make beautiful Christmas presents. Above all if you know that you support one of our talented young WurzelArtists® at the same time. To make sure that your orders arrive on time, I suggest that you don't waste another minute and go spend all your money in our little art shoppe. Weeeee!


¹ Buy prints by Derek Nobbs at the WurzelShoppe!

² Their new book The Apollo Prophecies is now available as a paperback.

In the tempest worship the echo

by Suzanne on June 22nd, 2006

Cristina Beller: Mademoiselle, Spooky Jacky & Burn - click to enlarge


I had the immense pleasure to spend some time with the talented and inspiring Rik Garrett (... and beat the shit out of him at table football).

Anyhow... I'm only here to say that I'm not back yet. I need to revise 5286 pages (sic!) for a media studies exam and I should really start preparing my 120-minute Goya & Callot presentation beginning of July. Please understand that I won't be back before the 2nd week of July. There are loads of great blogs in the right sidebar that will surely entertain you in the meantime. Gracias.

Oh, and for all those readers who keep asking me about more nudie pics tasteful photographs for Flickr: I'm sorry to say that I simply don't have the time to take pictures at the moment. Besides, I'm getting old and senile, wrinkly and grey-haired. I'm too old for this self-portrait thing. At least for the time being. Thanks for understanding this, you perverts.


© Derek Nobbs¹ - click to enlarge

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Falling - Part I | Part II (by Junji Ito / English / Illustrated)

The Aeneid of Virgil (by Virgil / English)

The Three Musketeers (by Alexandre Dumas père / English)

Voltaire's Philosophical Dictionary (by Voltaire / English)


Jason interview (by Wizard Entertainment)

Jessica Abel interview (by Wizard Entertainment)


Jack the Cat

On June 4 a black bear wandered into a West Milford, New Jersey, back yard, was confronted by a 15-pound (7-kilogram) tabby cat … and fled up a neighbor's tree. Hissing at the base of the tree, Jack the clawless cat kept the bear at bay for about 15 minutes, then ran him up another tree after an attempted escape.

Finally, Jack's owner, Donna Dickey, called the cat inside, and the timorous trespasser disappeared back into the woods.

View slideshow


© Andrew Brandou at the Jonathan LeVine Gallery - click to enlarge

Rik Garrett at Edi's Weinstube through the Museum of Porn in Art in Zürich, Switzerland.

→ Opened: 16 June 2006 | Buy Rik Garrett prints | Discussion at WurzelForum

Tiger Army & Wonderland at Strychnin Gallery in Berlin, Germany.

→ Opened: 16 June 2006 | Featuring: Raf Veulemans, Eileen Wunderlich and Frederic Perignon.

Cast - A Sculpture Show at Junc Gallery in Los Angeles, USA.

→ Opened: 17 June 2006 | Featuring: Evah Fan, Albert Reyes, et al.

Gary Baseman and Tim Biskup's Pervasion at the Laguna Art Museum in Laguna Beach, USA.

→ Opened: 18 June 2006 | Juxtapoz review

Dada at the Museum of Modern Art in NYC, USA.

→ Opened: 18 June 2006 | Article in the Smithsonian Magazine

Cryptozoology: Out of Time Place Scale at the Bates College in Lewiston, Maine, USA.

→ Vernissage: 23 June 2006 | Featuring: Sarina Brewer, Robert Marbury, Shen Shaomin, et al.

Matthew Barney's Drawing Restraint at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art in San Francisco, USA.

→ Vernissage: 23 June 2006

Power In Numbers at Gallery Nucleus in Alhambra, CA, USA.

→ Finissage: 24 June 2006 | Featuring: Aaron Jasinski, Andrew Bell, Andy Kehoe, Attaboy, Brendan Monroe, Chet Zar, Jeana Sohn, Julie West, Lesley Reppeteaux, Lola Gil, Ronald Kurniawan, Thomas Han, et al.

The Clayton Brothers' Wishy Washy at the Bellwether Gallery in NYC, USA.

→ Finissage: 24 June 2006

Andrew Brandou's Everyone's Happier Now That You're Gone and Adam Wallacavage's Il Lume Della Piovra at the Jonathan LeVine Gallery in NYC, USA.

→ Vernissage: 24 June 2006

Gabriela Friðriksdóttir's Inside the Core at the Migros Museum in Zürich, Switzerland.

→ Vernissage: 24 June 2006 | I'll be visiting the exhibition on July 8, 2006 - anyone fancy joining me?

International Puppet Carnival in and around Federation Square precinct in Melbourne, Australia.

26 June - 2 July 2006


¹ Buy prints by Derek Nobbs at the WurzelShoppe.

P.S.: I received one of K. Louise Judd's prints the other day ('They Tried to Cure Her Ills With Lady’s Slippers'), and what can I say... it's breathtakingly beautiful and it almost looks like a painted original. I think all WurzelReaders™ need at least one of her artworks on their walls.

Notes From the Edge of Insanity

by Suzanne G. on June 17th, 2005

... et voilà, here comes another blog for tonight - just to prove that Juju The Brave and I haven't forgotten you lot and love you all very much. :)

© Suzanne - click to enlarge

This is just a quick note to confirm that I am held hostage in the library basement and that I can hardly type in those rusty handcuffs I'm alive & well.

However, I won't be able to update Thee Temple ov Psychick Blah on a more regular basis before mid-July.

Why don't you cut some silhouettes or visit Thee Forum ov Psychick Blah in the meantime?

Oh, and did I mention that I suffer from gum abcesses, eczemae and viral infections of my lymphatic system? I guess it's syphilis. Or maybe my badly embalmed organs are starting to rot on the inside. Also, I seem to have developed cronic insomnia. o_O



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This year, Thee Temple ov Psychick Blah has been mostly boycotting:

Art 36 Basel and The Venice Biennial.


And now for far more important news: iMomus has some terribly sweet tidings for the Björk / Matthew Barney fan community. Thanks!

Finally, here are the carefully & psychickally selected gallery openings for the next few days:

Today, 17 June 2005, 7 PM

© Travis A. Louie - click to enlarge

Opening night for the glorious 5x5 Inside Show @ Hope Gallery in New Haven, USA.

Organised by my good friend Travis A. Louie of Art Dorks fame. Congrats, folks - and good luck for the opening night! :)

Today, 17 - 25 June 2005

© Larvae - click to enlarge

Cdatakill & Larvae tour Europe!

Thanks to Nicolas for confirming the following dates for the Cdatakill & Larvae tour:

• June 17th - MS Stubnitz, Rotterdam, NL
• June 18th - Breakcore Gives Me Wood, Gent, BE (nice flyer, guys!)
• June 19th - The Garage, Norwich, UK
• June 21st - The Cumberlands Arms, Newcastle, UK
• June 23rd - Tunnel Bar, Metz, FR
• June 24th & 25th- Noxious Art Festival, near Vesoul, FR

18 June 2005

© Carla Chaves for TOCA ME 2005

TOCA ME design event in Munich, Germany.

This year, they'll bring you Hi-res, Joshua Davis, Electronic Shadown, Niko Stumpo, and Rob Chiu. Yay!

Also, In My Own World opens @ GR2 Gallery in Los Angeles, USA, featuring the art of Bigfoot.

23 June 2005

© Maurizio Cattelan for Translation

Opening of Translation featuring Vanessa Beecroft, Maurizio Cattelan, Matt Greene, Mike Kelley, Takashi Murakami et al. @ Palais de Tokyo in Paris, France.

24 - 25 June 2005

OBEY Clothing Sample Sale @ 2313 S. Susan St in Santa Ana, CA, USA.

... ongoing...

© Nazif Topcuoglu for Readers - click to enlarge

Europe - Helvetistan

Mahjong – Contemporary Chinese Art @ Kunstmuseum in Bern, Switzerland.

(I'll be there with my dad and twelfty Ilford films next week. Hurrah!)

Europe - Teutonia

Paul McCarthy - LaLa Land Parodie Paradies @ Haus der Kunst in München, Germany.

Characters at war! @ NRW-Forum in Düsseldorf, Germany.

Nazif Topcuoglu – Readers @ Kultur an der Quelle in Rantum / Sylt, Germany.

(What a strangely peaceful setting for my favourite Turkish photographer!)

Europe - K & K Österreich

Chikaku @ Kunsthaus in Graz, Austria.

Europe - La Grande Nation

Dalek & Shepard Fairey @ Galerie Magda Danysz in Paris, France.

The New World - San Fran

The 3rd Annual Erotic Show @ The Shooting Gallery in San Francisco, USA.

Inside Out: New Works by Paul Urich @ Low Gallery in San Francisco, USA.

I'm Glad We Met @ Giant Robot in San Francisco, USA.

The New World - City of Angels & Beyond

• Invader'sRubikcubism exhibition @ Sixspace in Los Angeles, USA.

Joe Vaux, Naoto Hattori & Kevin Peterson @ Copro/Nason Fine Art in Culver City, USA.

The New World - New York

• Banks Violette's Untitled installation @ Whitney Museum of American Art in New York, USA.

Little Boy: The Arts of Japan’s Exploding Subculture @ Japan Society Gallery in New York, USA.

Fork in the Road @ Jonathan LeVine Gallery in New York, USA. Featuring Matt Haber, Mars-1, Ben Woodward & Max Lawrence.

The New World - Seattle

Dust and Feather Stories - works by Faryn Davis @ Bluebottle Art Gallery in Seattle, USA.

The Unholy Rest of the Planet

The Poster Art of Emek @ Cross Street Orphanage in Auckland, New Zealand.



My dear old friend Hans Proppe - translator of dreams and visionary of the unconscious.



Circus Museum

(via W.M.M.N.A.)



Well, quite obviously, they grow in spiffy Cernit polymer clay eggs. Just like KINDER™ surprise. Weeeee! :)

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Today's topics:

Is a Christian Threesome Possible?

Magnetic resonance imaging of male and female genitals during coitus and female sexual arousal

Yep. o_O

In other cryptoanatomical news, I demand that Gint Apsits be knighted immediately for his latest outstanding movie.



• Our beloved Nobuyoshi Araki is selling "exclusive" (ahem...) polaroids over at eyestorm.

• Morning Craft has some most adorable pillows and other random crap you don't really need.



Wear more tutus. :)