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Charles Matton's "Enclosures" in London & Do Ho Suh's "Home Within Home" in New York

by Suzanne on September 4th, 2011

Studio of a Classical Sculptor IV - Saskia Expecting Titus III by Charles Matton - click to enlarge

Due to a beautiful curatorial coincidence, there are two miniature architecture exhibitions opening on the same day in the hearts of the Olde and New World - i.e. London and New York.

In London, the great Charles Matton will be remembered in a major posthumous retrospective featuring 38 newly discovered absolutely insanely detailed microcosmic interiors from his Enclosure series and in New York, Do Ho Suh will be showing his super fragile psychological dream houses in Home Within Home.

Studio of a Rhinoceros Sculptor by Charles Matton - click to enlarge

Charles Matton's intricate, meticulous and wildly poetic boîtes exist somewhere between Corinne May Botz's Nutshell Studies of Unexplained Death and Lori Nix's derelict miniature households.

UPDATE SEP 11, 2011: Here are a few images of the Enclosures show taken from my Flickr:

Do Ho Suh's miniscule interiors, on the other hand, are much more traumatic and violent - or, when working in more translucent materials such as photo sensitive resin, emit a sterile sense of intense comatose horror vacui, very much like Chiharu Shiota's oeuvre.

Fallen Star 1/5 by Do Ho Suh, mixed media, 131 x 145 x 300 inches, 2008 - 2011 - click to enlarge

Both shows open this coming Thursday, September 8, 2011.

Charles Matton's Enclosures is showing at All Visual Arts at 2 Omega Place, Kings Cross in London (map) until October 8.

Do Ho Suh's Home Within Home will be on display at Lehmann Maupin, 540 West 26th Street in New York (map) until October 22.

Home Within Home - Prototype by Do Ho Suh, photo sensitive resin, 86 x 96 x 101 inches, 2009 - 2011