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Eva Eun-Sil Han in Bilbao/ES

by Suzanne on January 25th, 2008

Jouvence by Eva Eun-Sil Han - via StartDrawing¹

Eva Eun-Sil Han is a young Korean-born Belgian artist whose sibylline collages seem to form something like a constructive counterpart to Ruth Claxton's often destructive cut-out works.

According to her website, Eva's oeuvre will be part of a group show entitled Lau - an AAAAA project - which opens today at Anti y Garabat in Bilbao, Spain.

Contagion by Eva Eun-Sil Han - via StartDrawing¹

¹ Considering the fact that the Bloggies get more unimaginative and ignorant year after year, this time you can at least vote for StartDrawing in the Best Asian Weblog category.

But seriously.. who sponsors the Bloggies? Terry Richardson? E! TV?

After all, why would The Sartorialist get a nomination for best photography of a weblog by taking random street pictures of people doing what we all do 365 days a year: Wearing clothes? What the hell is noteworthy about that?

Also, could people please stop nominating totally irrelevant schadenfreude gossip blogs like Go Fug Yourself in every imaginable category ("Best Writing"?! "Weblog of the Year"?!)? I think we really have more serious global problems to worry about than some socialite's wardrobe malfunctions. Thanks.

Rant over. Feeling better now.