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November Exhibitions

by Suzanne on November 4th, 2007

It's getting cold outside. The perfect time to join the crowds of homeless people and/or students who haven't paid their electricity and heating bills and make yourself at home in one of these warm and illuminated galleries:

Heather Nevay: Showtime

In the Long Grass by Heather Nevay

Who: Heather Nevay

Where: Open Eye Gallery, Edinburgh, Scotland

When: On view till November 6, 2007

Why: Because you'll get to see all new works by Heather!

Ryan Heshka, Brian Despain & Scott Musgrove

Albino Walktopus by Scott Musgrove

Who: Ryan Heshka, Brian Despain & Scott Musgrove

Where: Roq La Rue, Seattle WA

When: Opening November 9, 2007

Why: Because even my armadillo likes Musgrove.

Christy Langer: Suspended Animation

Six Points by Christy Langer

Who: Christy Langer

Where: Katharine Mulherin Contemporary , Toronto, Canada

When: On view till November 24, 2007

Why: Because white resin is the new black.

Judy Fox: Snow White and the Seven Sins

From the Snow White and the Seven Sins series by Judy Fox

Who: Judy Fox

Where: P·P·O·W, New York NY

When: On view till November 24, 2007

Why: Because her new sculptures look like Hans Bellmer's and Jim Woodring's mutant offspring. Awwww!

Farewell to Dawns Seen Through Saddened Eyes

by Suzanne on July 1st, 2007

(Image via VintagePhoto)

You left me, sweet, two legacies,—

A legacy of love
A Heavenly Father would content,
Had He the offer of;

You left me boundaries of pain

Capacious as the sea,
Between eternity and time,
Your consciousness and me.

(Emily Dickinson's Complete Poems - Part Three: Love, 1924)


Hello. My name is Suzanne. I maintain this invisible blog here and poke dead things with sticks. This rather personal entry is dedicated to the remaining two readers of this blog - Dr. Vertico and my dear Meagan. I love you with all my tiny rotten heart.

These past few weeks, I often got the feeling that I'm simply an erased line of a poem in a book that has never been written in typographies that have never been invented by wise men who never lived. But then, I suddenly remembered the bitter-sweet taste of ink on my tongue and my heart started beating again.

Anyway... I won't bore you with excuses for my long absence, when it's clear that I was in fact busy taking over the Swiss government and painting the Alps with pink stripes. It really flatters their shape, methinks.

And tomorrow, my Holy Mission to infiltrate the art industry and turn it into an apocalyptic bloodbath of epic proportions will begin with me turning up at Hauser & Wirth Zurich at 9 AM sharp for my internship. I have yet to find out why they want me there but they have a great Nespresso™ Lavazza® (Thanks, Mic!) machine and bookshelf ladders. I love ridiculously high bookshelves. Oh, and did I mention that their gallery is located in an old brewery with great industrial architecture to marvel at all day? Yes, I did.

This world isn't all that bad after all for a lonesome homicidal maniac like me.

After all, I have a freshly repaired Swiss precision bike, the new (... Swiss precision...) Logitech® VX™ Revolution cordless laser mouse, a Kathie Olivas gelaskin for my iPod, the patent-leather ballerinas I always dreamt of as a 5-year-old, a purdy grey French top with a huuuge satin bow to play with, this adorable caffeine dress, the striped Alps in my sight, a lovely lake to bathe my feet in, a schizophrenic cat that pays me regular visits and an ersatz bird family nesting under my balcony.

Oh, and I got to see Damien Hirst's skull and the Old Operating Theatre.

I'd be a fool to ask for more.

"And this world tonight is mine
A world to be remembered in
Think on a faded photograph
My hair longer than it's ever been."

(PJ Harvey, "The Sky Lit Up")

I don't know yet how busy my Holy Mission will keep me but I guess I'll only have time to look after this blog on weekends for the next 6 months. I'm commuting to Zurich and I'll be pretty knackered in the evenings, I fear...

Take care you lot and feel free to visit the WurzelForum if you're bored or feel a lack of nunsploitation and/or tentacles in your life.

Ad meiorum Cthulhi Gloriam!


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N°1: There's so much CCTV footage about my journeys in and around London that my biopic will soon be opening in a cinema near you. Yay!

N°2: Nirvana - Unplugged in New York is 189632 times better than any of their studio albums. Fact.

N°3: Why does cold coffee smell like burnt salami?

N°4: I managed to boycott Art Basel yet another year. Go me!

N°5: I'm hopelessly in love with William Irigoyen (that's a really unflattering photograph on that website..) from ARTE news. Oooooh... that smile! I just wish he'd stop flirting with Annette Gerlach from ARTE - journal de la culture. Hmmpf.

N°6: This is the best photograph I've ever taken and the only picture I'm proud of.

N°7: Boots' "Protect & Perfect" really does work wonders on me and it's obviously so rejuvenating that it sent me right back to puberty leaving my forehead covered with pimples. Great.. in a few weeks, I'll look like a new-born baby.

N°8: It's great that I don't have to spend a fortune on French b/w art movies anymore now that my eyes are so fucked that I'm starting to see the world around me in greyscale anyway. Yay!

N°9: I want my black hair back.