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Brendan Danielsson's "Diarrhainbow" & Jeremy Enecio's "Embodiments" in California

by Suzanne on August 14th, 2011

Violet by Brendan Danielsson, 2011 - click to enlarge

I'll keep this post brief because, well, it's Sunday and I cannot be arsed to type much and I honestly couldn't add anything of great significance to Brendan Danielsson's ingenious scatological eloquence anyway:


An arch of colors formed in the sky in certain circumstances, caused by the refraction and dispersion of the sun's light by a spray of liquid feces violently discharged from the bowels and dispersed into the atmosphere.

Why don't all artist's statements read like this, ffs?!

Diarrhainbow opened yesterday at CoproNason on 2525 Michigan Ave in Santa Monica and remains on show until September 3. You can preview the entire show here.

In very related news, I stumbled upon a fantastic zine by Reasonable Person that deals with the serious issue of "super diarrhea". Nice introductory words on the first pages, forsho.

Also, and in completely other news, the fantastic Jeremy Enecio is currently showing a new body of work under the title Embodiments at Gallery Nucleus on 10 East Main St, Alhambra. You can preview the show here - it runs until August 29.

Fauna by Jeremy Enecio, acrylic and oil on paper, 2011 - click to enlarge

... and finally, for no reason other than keeping the nets as nonsensical and WTF as possible, I bring you The First Rap Song To Be Performed In The UK (Look Around You)...

... and Tales of the Riverbank...


Hans Bellmer and Louise Bourgeois at Wexner Center, Columbus, Ohio

by Suzanne on March 23rd, 2011

© Hans Bellmer - via fantomatik75 - click to enlarge

Another old favourite that needs no further introduction as he's been featured in the hallowed WurzelEmpire® on both blog and forum since 2001 is the almighty Hans Bellmer.

Yeah, I know, it's fucking hip to like him these days and he probably has an upcoming spread in VICE mag and what the fuck not but hey, I liked him before you had even grown arms to mutilate dolls so SHADDAP and read this goddamn article already. GOODBYE. FOREVER. NO WAIT! (¬_¬)

A wisely curated and deeply inspiring Bellmer/Bourgeois double exhibition entitled Double Sexus: Hans Bellmer and Louise Bourgeois is opening at Wexner Center Galleries this Saturday.

From the press release:

"The exhibition, which was previously seen in Berlin, Germany, and The Hague, Netherlands, makes its U.S. debut at the Wexner Center. Its title comes from Sexus, a semi-autobiographical novel by Henry Miller, and its design strategically juxtaposes works by each artist in thematic sections. As you move through this layout, you will see sculptures and drawings by Bourgeois and sculptures, drawings, photographs, and a print by Bellmer."

© Hans Bellmer - via fantomatik75 - click to enlarge

All infos below.

On show: Mar 26 - Jul 31, 2011

Address: Wexner Center Galleries B and C, 1871 North, High Street, Wexner Center for the Arts, Columbus Ohio, 43210-1393 | Map & directions

Opening hours: Tue-Wed, Sun: 11 AM - 6 PM, Thu-Sat: 11 AM - 8 PM

Admission: $5 - free Thursdays from 4 to 8 PM and the first Sunday of the month.

Press release & preview

Catalogue: A fully illustrated catalogue accompanies this touring exhibition and is available in the Wexner Center Store.

In other great news...

• The amazingly generous and insanely talented Jeremy Enecio is doing a print giveaway that you can enter until March 29!

In a world made of strings we are designers of expression on Synaptic Stimuli deserves your attention for a few seconds as it's pretty kvlt to say the least:

Junji Ito's "Hanging Balloons" and other decapitations...

by Suzanne on December 29th, 2010

It seems that I've survived the social horrors of Whatevermas 2010 only thanks to the materialistic splendour of it all.

And now that it's only a matter of hours until Mercury Retrograde will fuck off and increase my interweb speed again, I thought 'tis the perfect time to share some new scanlations with you that the generous people at Same Hat! have been working on and tumblring about: Namely Hanging Balloons by Junji Ito. Which would have been part of Museum of Terror had it not been killed by Dark Horse, apparently.

Excerpt from Hanging Balloons by Junji Ito - click to enlarge

It's probably easiest to read the whole story by using the "hangingballoons" tag on their Tumblr as it's posted image/scanned page by image/scanned page. The scanlation has now reached page 30 and new pages are queued to be posted daily for your enhanced serialised pleasure.

Make sure to RSS their blog so you won't miss a page.


The scanlation is now available in its entirety over here!

In related headless news, Jeremy Enecio wants you to celebrate NYE the old-fashioned way:

Tribal Justice by Jeremy Enecio, 2010 - click to enlarge

WurzelArt Gazette March 2010 - Grab A Sammich

by Suzanne on March 12th, 2010

Work in progress by Joao Ruas, 2010

Thank you all for the kind birthday wishes and please pardon the radio silence. Our Angelique Houtkamp show was insanely busy and Angelique is now back home in Amsterdam and I can't tell you how relieved I am that she didn't get squeezed to death. Even our glass domes and the baby skulls are still intact - which clearly defies logic if you've seen the crowds at the opening reception. Some originals and the baby skulls are still for sale, so keep your eyes glued to Nelly Duff - I will upload details soonish.

Anyhow, it's March; which means the spring awakening of the beaux arts. Lots and lots and lots to report about. But since I have absolutely no idea where to start, I decided to give you some sneak previews of what my favourite WurzelArtists® have been up to recently.

This is only a small selection, but as you can see, people have been as busy as bees on coke and 2010 is going to be an amazing year for the visual arts, methinks.


Fables cover #94 by Joao Ruas, 2010 - click to enlarge

Joao has been up to A LOT and it's always fascinating to see all the diverse things he's directing his talents to besides his work for Fables.


Skin Deep by Jeremy Enecio, watercolour and acrylic on paper, 2010 - click to enlarge

The maître of tentacles and albino amazons has recently impressingly widened his repertoire to zombies for Zombies in Love at Gallery Nucleus.

Jeremy Enecio’s contribution to 100 Heads for Haiti, 2010 - click to enlarge

Oh, and he's just finishing the piece above for the 100 Heads for Haiti fundraiser. Nice.


Bruise and a study by Adara Sánchez Anguiano, 2009-2010 - click to enlarge

For those who hadn't noticed: Egon Schiele has been reincarnated in the shell of Adara Sánchez Anguiano and given a box of happy coloured crayons.


Further (in progress) by Eric Fortune, oil on canvas, 2010 - click to enlarge

Eric keeps on bringing the chiaroscuro to his futuristic faces. Further will be on show at CoproGallery from this weekend onwards.


The Raft by Tiffany Bozic, 2009-2010 - click to enlarge

Tiffany's Raft print is finally available through Joshua Liner Gallery.


Dive (detail) by James Jean, 2010 - click to enlarge

James Jean's Dive has been given the posh Pressure Printing treatment.


Pull the Blinds by Christopher Conn Askew - click to enlarge

If, however, you're on a much smaller budget, get your hands on one of Chris Conn Askew's gorgeous new open edition prints.


Poupées by Miss Van - click to enlarge

Meanwhile, does it seem like someone's slowly running out of ideas?! Miss Van releases an overpriced giclee of her 5-year-old Poupées. Hmm...


Cixi (in progress) by Marina Bychkova, 2010 - click to enlarge

Marina, au contraire, has been tirelessly working her poor little paws off on one of her newest creations, Cixi. Here seen in progress.


Véruka Vampirica (Blythe custom) by Julien Martinez, 2010 - click to enlarge

In other doll news, Julien Martinez has spookified yet another unsuspecting Blythe doll. Say hello to Véruka Vampirica.


Wither by Isabelle Royet-Journoud, 2010 - click to enlarge

... and finally, Mme Isabelle Royet-Journoud looks a bit like a customised undead Blythe doll herself in this masterpiece of a self-portrait.

While here at Wurzeltod HQ, I've been mainly standing annoyingly in front of yet even more great art...



by suzanne_tumblr on March 12th, 2010

Skin Deep by Jeremy Enecio, watercolour and acrylic on paper, 2010

by suzanne_tumblr on March 12th, 2010

Jeremy Enecio’s contribution to 100 Heads for Haiti, 2010