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Bits and Pieces of Such Utter Randomness That You Might Want to Call a Nurse

by Suzanne on May 4th, 2011

Behold these news items of great importance and visual beauty that I found while clearing out my tabs...

Why make separate posts when you can squash everything together in one? EXACTLY!


Sculpture from Jessica Harrison's Breaking series, photo by Wurzeltod , 2011 - click to enlarge

I reported about her current London solo show here and I'm happy to say that Jealous Gallery allowed me to take pictures of her sculptures. You can find them over here on Flickr.


Heretics' Gate by Doug Foster/Unkle, photo by Wurzeltod , 2011 - click to enlarge

Last weekend, after my visit to Jealous, I took a stroll down Camden Road and ended up at the beautifully dilapidated St Michael's church where Doug Foster is currently showing his Heretics' Gate (music by UNKLE). Do check it out if you're near Camden.


Improvisation avec Lizzie by Féebrile, 2011 - click to enlarge (slightly)

.. and staying goff, I stumbled upon Féebrile's most gorgeous photo yet. It's entitled Improvisation avec Lizzie and it's one of the most painting-like photographs my eyes have ever seen. Such beauty.


Pharaoh Nophru ka by Alex CF, 2011 - click to enlarge (slightly)

Alex CF is on a creative roll. He's crafted his most astonishing mummy to date, Pharaoh Nophru ka, and is looking for people to collaborate on a new project:

"Over the next year I will be making my own interpretation of alice in wonderland. Call it trite, but I believe my take on this classic childrens books will be original enough to warrant its creation. I am making all of the practical effects myself, and I am slowly but surely roping in a number of friends to help me film, edit and produce the short. I am looking for anyone willing to help out, from location seeking to costume to acting.

Read on


Yes, he's back. The Elder Gods have heard our prayers.


Who's just released the one tarot deck that's literally going to kill all tarot decks? That's right, Le Dernier Cri and Olivier Texier have.

You can buy it here for ridiculously cheap €25.


Estelle Hanania shared this amazing video with the internets the other day and I thought you might like it too. Filmed by Simon Bernheim.


Shit title, great film. Go see it.

Jessica Harrison at Jealous Gallery, London

by Suzanne on April 18th, 2011

UPDATE MAY 5, 2011: Show impressions now on Flickr!

Amy Jane by Jessica Harrison, 2010 - click to enlarge

Jessica Harrison gained massive Tumblr notoriety last year for her 2010 Breaking series and quite deservingly so as she is a super talented trans-genre multimedia artist and there is so much more to her work than just mutilated porcelain sculptures - even though that's what I'm focussing on here.

London's Jealous Gallery will be showing the complete collection of her Breaking figurines alongside prints from the end of April until mid-May. Details below.

Mairi by Jessica Harrison, 2010 - click to enlarge

On show: Apr 28 - May 15, 2011

Address: Jealous Gallery, 27 Park Road, Crouch End, London N8 8TE, United Kingdom

Gallery hours: Thu - Sat: 10 AM - 6 PM, Sun: 11 AM - 4 PM

Artist's website