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Jo Whaley at Lisa Sette Gallery, Scottsdale: Closing tomorrow!

by Suzanne on January 28th, 2011

Smerinthus saliceti by Jo Whaley, 2010

Jo Whaley has an almost synaesthetic understanding of patterns, shapes, textures and colours. So much so that her butterflies and moths become integral entomological parts of the Victorian photographs they're confronted with.

The additive concept of the collage gives way to something more complex, more intricate, more symbiotic as the tintype swallows the winged spolia to become one.

Jo Whaley's Portraits of Transformation exhibition closes tomorrow, January 29. Details below.

Papilionidae by Jo Whaley, 2010

Closing: Tomorrow, January 29, 2011

Address: Lisa Sette Gallery, 4142 North Marshall Way, Scottsdale, Arizona 85251-3838, USA, tel: 480-990-7342 | Map

Hours: Tue - Fri: 10 AM - 5 PM, Sat: 12 - 5 PM


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