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Daydreams & Nosebleeds

by Suzanne G. on October 5th, 2004

... what happened next...

John Santerineross - previously featured here - has finally published his eagerly anticipated new book, entitled DREAM.

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Jason Arber - previously featured here - is still looking for London-based Asian females to take part in his photography project "NOSEBLEED".

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Exhibition ticker

VAMPS & VIRGINS - The Evolution of the American Pinup - is premiering this Thursday @ The Museum of Sex, NEW YORK.

(October 7, 2004 - March 30, 2005)

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Shepard Fairey is deconstructing and mocking the hollow icons of our times @ Merry Karnowsky Gallery, LOS ANGELES.

(October 9 - November 6, 2004)

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Just after I posted my Flash & Movie Update entry yesterday, both Amy and Jim announced the publication of new episodes of their series. So here are:

Making Fiends #12
... and...
Ready Teddy Death #6


Maître Photographe du Jour

Michal Barteczko

John Santerineross

by Suzanne G. on July 27th, 2004

© John Santerineross
(click on thumbnails for detailed view)

From top to bottom, left to right:
"The Water Margin", "Ceremony of Innocence", "The Hands of Al-Zahra", "Fruit of the Secret God", "Prisoners of our Childhood"

"Many people think that I digitally manipulate the images. The truth is, that while I do tonal corrections and coloring in the computer as well as the outermost borders of the image, 99% of what you see in the image is on the sets that I build. All lines or blurs are exactly that. I create a set with moving objects in it using motors to create the blurs; I then shoot at a very slow shutter speed..."

- John Santerineross, interviewed by Dark Matter Magazine, April 2004

→ John Santerineross releases his eagerly anticipated second book of disturbing yet titillating images, entitled 'Dream' this fall. It's the sequel to 'Fruit of the Secret God'.

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