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This Blog Hasn't Achieved Anything Noteworthy in 2007 and Doesn't Have Any Fucking Plans for 2008

by Suzanne on January 5th, 2008

Angel by Marc Quinn - P.S.: Any anti-abortion comments will be deleted immediately due to my maaaad totalitarian censorship powers as this is quite plainly a sculpture of a skeletal child, not a statement against abortion.

Marc Quinn - who once gained somewhat dubious fame as a YBA with a self-portrait bust made out of his own frozen blood is showing his works to the Canadian art crowd until tomorrow evening.

The YBAs may not be terribly young anymore, and about as British as a Tiki goddess, but they still seem to hit the headlines with more or less artistic endeavours and are obviously still shocking enough to be exported to the Commonwealth for solo exhibitions. Fair enough.

I wish I could tell you more about which works are being featured in this retrospective, however, the DHC/ART gallery has some of the worst and inaccessible flash navigation known to iMankind. Camino, Firefox & Safari all failed at getting beyond the 3rd image of Quinn's online portfolio. Oh well.. I guess you have to find out for yourself whether the show is worth seeing.

At least trusty old e-flux was kind enough to unveil that Angel (c.f. image above) is one of the installation pieces on show. And personally, I think that you cannot possibly see enough larger than life-sized skeletons in a lifetime. So there.

On a side note, Angel also graces the cover of a relatively new publication I bought entitled Eretica - The Transcendent and the Profane in Contemporary Art - which is presently in the gifted hands of Alex.

The sole reason why this book deserves a mention on this blog is of course its eclectically and intelligently selected illustrations and the
very surprising fact that the author could write an entire essay on post-modern art blah blah without using the words "hybrid" and "aura" (at least not until page 12 where I passed out) which per se is quite an achievement for any modern art historian. Also, the 18276 mentions of "post-human" or "post-humanism" can probably be explained by the fact that there are 237 different words that mean "post-human" in the original Italian version of the book. Oh well.. it's still a nice addition to ones bookshelf, I suppose.


i) I've never had such lazy UK holidays before. However, I finally got around to visit the Wellcome Collection - which was a lot smaller than I expected but nevertheless quite entertaining. The Seeing is Believing exhibition at the Photographers' Gallery was a bit of a disappointment and didn't really bring any further insight. À propos disappointments: The post-smoking-ban CroBar made my brother and I really depressed. So depressed that we sadly missed the chance to meet up with Corran & Mike. The ICA still has one of the finest art book shops and Brighton has improved its attractiveness by 520% over the past ten years which is probably due to the fact that Alex lives there now.

ii) Wikipedia sentence that made me happy today:

"His other empirical investigations included providing convincing evidence that lemmings were rodents and not, as some thought, spontaneously generated by the air [...]"

(Wiki entry on Ole Worm)

iii) No, I have no idea what's wrong with my website and why it keeps vanishing these days. I contacted my host the other day and they said that they discovered a glitch which they fixed but it still seems rather unstable to me. Hmmm...

I guess I should finally upgrade to the newest version of WP. Any last words of warning are highly welcome as upgrades tend to scare the hell out of me.