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Mark Mothersbaugh at Perihelion Arts, Phoenix/USA

by Suzanne on June 29th, 2008

The Petting Zoo by Mark Mothersbaugh

Mark Mothersbaugh, Hermann Rorschach's obsessively photoshopping illegitimate great-grandson, has an upcoming show at Perihelion Arts, Phoenix, due to open Friday, July 4.

Mark describes his ongoing Beautiful Mutants project as "images pulled from man's past, then corrected into sickeningly beautiful beings" and I think you should consider buying his nicely bound monograph if you can't make it to the exhibition.

Details below.

Faery Queen, Lisboa by Mark Mothersbaugh

Opening reception: Friday, July 4, 2008, 6 PM - midnight

On show: July 4 - 31, 2008

Address: Perihelion Arts, 1500 Grand Ave., Phoenix, AZ 85007, USA, tel: 602.462.9120

Buy Beautiful Mutants monograph

Artist's website

Corpus Delectable

by Juju on August 8th, 2005

Death, Dolls, Rabbits, Mutants, Circuses, Drugs, Propaganda, Suicide, Religion and GMO what more could you ask for... mmm... mmm... ok I might have missed the Sex and Rock 'n' Roll

Corpus Delectable

A beautiful corpse in beautiful surroundings... I think I may have a new fetish, for play dead Japanese girls in airports - surely that must have an Eno soundtrack

I have a soft spot for Russian Dolls and there are some unusual examples at The Wurst Gallery, I particularly liked the Fawn Gehweiler ones.

Now I quite fancy an Alice in Wonderland remake that's like the American McGee game... But Buffy! That's just not right! (You can see from the date on that news article just how long it's taken me to finalise this post - jeepers)


Beautiful mutants from Mark Mothersbaugh (yeah him from DEVO)

Welkom bij circusmuseum.nl!

A whole Flickr feature on vintage drug ads

I do love a bit of propaganda this time with a decidely Spanish feel

One man's quest to out do the bunnies...


Icelandic modernist churches
... the Hallgrimskirkja is truly awe inspiring

These little beauties are unnervingly real