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Liberty Snake Episode Nine at The Horatia, London, Nov 4

by Suzanne on October 31st, 2011

Flyer for LS 009, artwork: Scene im Hades from Jugend 1896 - click to enlarge

The great MisanthroPop kindly invites you to the 9th installment of The Liberty Snake - taking place at London's Horatia this Friday, November 4, 2011.

If you're on Facebook, you can click here to RSVP and you'll be on the cheap list (£3 instead of £4).

There will be free Misanthropia - The Greatest Country in the World zines and mix CDs to take away while supplies last.

I'll be doing the door/merch stand/free art ranting & fortune telling desk and there will be lots of great music:


Now Wash Your Hands (Power Electronics from Nottingham, UK)

"Nathan Nothing was failing at music so he decided the only option left was to take up noise (or power electronics to be specific). He also wanted an outlet for his grumpy foul tempers and to humiliate himself onstage for others' amusement wearing special costumes. There is nothing more important than being clean and nothing cleans the head out better than a healthy blast of noise! (Always wash your hands). Death to false noise!"

Soft Riot (London, UK)

"A casual project that formed in the mid-naughties under the original name JJ Wax, Soft Riot’s original angle was “ambient punk”, fusing elements of drone-y post-rock, minimal wave electronics, synthesizer-based cinema soundtracks and a bit of chordal mass composition."


• Sereina Noelle Winters (Berlin/California)

Emi Trashbeat & Zevoa (Never Come Back)

Misanthro-Pop Release DJs

Flyer for LS 009 - click to enlarge


Formed in February 2007, The Liberty Snake is a sporadic music event that attempts to provide a lighthearted night of fun and dancing for people with a particular taste.

The club first started out with a heavy emphasis on French cold-wave and industrial music, but now has a much broader focus, playing several different genres of "oddities" and anti-music.

The Liberty Snake is hosted by Robert M Fenner (Nurvuss, RMF-Noir, No Kisses)

cold-wave / no-wave / bad-trip / minimal / gloom jazz / misanthropop / new savage / post-industrial soul / port-mortem / post-office / oddities / no italo disco

September YouTube Finds: Rathergood, SRL, Chatbots, Hot Dogs, Demon Kogure, Arino & More

by Suzanne on September 6th, 2011

An irresponsibly random and certainly headache-inducing selection of YouTube videos in no logical order whatsoever that people who are not following me on Twitter will most probably have missed:

The amazing When Clive Was Alive by Rathergood (via Substrom)

Survival Research Lab’s A Bitter Message of Hopeless Grief from 1988 (via Binnorie)

Two chatbots talking to each other (via Valentina Tanni)

"If I was a hot dog everyone would love me!" (via Misanthropop)

Kiyohiko Senba & The Haniwa All-Stars feat. Demon Kogure (via Substrom)

Misanthropop loops Arino in I Can't Leave You Alone

Keine Ahnung: Im Himmel with violin by Hermann Kopp (via ILLFM)

RMF's MisanthroPop

by Suzanne on March 29th, 2011

Yo, beautiful people of the internets!

I thought I should let you know about a wee little website/blog I made for my glorious other half, The Fenner®.

It's called MisanthroPop and on it you can:

• find information about his musical projects and upcoming gigs
• read his MISANTHROPIA! - The Greatest Country in the World zine (issue #1 will go online soon, once issue #2 is out)
buy his limited edition 7" with AMERICANMADE and LOBOTOMOBILE on it
• subscribe to his newsletter.

I reckon I'm biased, but I think that's all pretty damn sweet!

Re:fulbright - Y by misanthropop

Sad stuff, boring stuff, embarrassing stuff, demented stuff, good stuff.

by Suzanne on March 18th, 2011


Please pardon the lack of updates here. It has a lot to do with me being glued to the BBC's Asia-Pacific Live blog at the strangest times of night and I got so little sleep I feel like I should do a sequel to Being John Malkovich entitled Being Yukio Edano. I won't go on about it here but I will keep posting useful links from the IAEA, IRSN, WHO, MIT, New Scientist et al. to my Facebook if you're interested, in an attempt to let information win over fear.

Most of my Japanese friends are fortunate to not live in the north-east that was hit hardest a week ago but in Tokyo and further south and are okay, Trevor Brown reported that he is "as well as can be expected. we still have food and i’m not glowing in the dark". Maru the Cat is fine too. Blogging from the future as a matter of fact - last sign of existence logged on March 20. Tokyo Scum Brigade are okay too and planning future projects. Also, the Same Hat! Tumblr has a message from the great, the invincible Kazuo Umezu.

It's good to see that despite the unbelievable hardship and the upsettingly fear-mongering Western journalism, the Japanese have kept their altruism, solidarity, logical calm... and very particular sense of humour:

As aftershocks continue, the situation at Fukushima isn't under control yet and with hundreds of thousands of displaced people living in harsh conditions, supplies and fuel running out and with the sheer scale of what's yet to come unimaginable, please consider donating to the Red Cross if you haven't done so already:

Japanese Red Cross

Japan Earthquake Relief Fund

If you are still looking for relatives, Google has launched both a YouTube channel and a person finder database.

There's been a lot of talk about "praying" for Japan. If you, like me, are not the praying type, let's HOPE for Japan to rise again and HELP where and how we can.

And please let us not forget about places currently out of the spotlight where very very tense situations prevail and that desperately need our attention too like Libya, Ivory Coast and a thousand other places on earth that fall through the media's radar.


Due to this website and the forum becoming more and more popular, I have to migrate all my content to a new hosting provider. This will probably happen sometime early this coming week and will lead to some down times. I will post a short announcement beforehand but just so you already know.


Yes, I still owe lots and lots and lots of you emails. Due to long sickness and a multitude of projects, my inbox is still rather chaotic but trust me, everyone will get a reply as soon as possible.


Rob has released the first issue of his "MISANTHROPIA! (The Greatest Country in the World)" zine that he's written and illustrated himself. It's hand copied and stapled the hell out of it by yours truly. If you're interested in supporting nonsensical small press, pricing incl. shipping is as follows: UK £1.50, EU £2, USA £2.50, RoW: £3 - paypalable to secretplotx(AT)gmail.com and we'll send it out straight away.


Later this weekend, I will have more news for you about the Musée Bizarre situation but right now it's still top-secret. Exciting times.