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Process: Area & Volume

by Suzanne on July 15th, 2007

Black Dahlia by Raffaella Brizuela Sigurdardottir, oil on wood, 2006

In recent days, the majority of invites I got for California gallery shows has left me utterly unimpressed and even a little disappointed by the ever same Juxtapoz/Giant Robot artist names. It sometimes saddens me that the rather riskless policy of certain gallery owners (and art mags!) to book "safe" artists who attract huge crowds at weekend opening receptions might unconsciously drive the so-called LowBrow/Pop Surrealism "scene" to a new state of apathy, repetitiveness and unimaginativeness. I hope it's all just a passing summer laziness and that my feeling is wrong.

At any rate, the freshly opened show at Gallery Nucleus makes a refreshing exception to this by combining a few familiar names with a whole lot of newish discoveries. Process: Area & Volume brings together a daring mix of 27 artists who work in different genres and media. Their only common ground is so global and basic that it almost sounds humorous:

"The show is a group event based on a three dimensional object inspiring two dimensional work."

Anyway... chapeau, Gallery Nucleus, for taking a risk and for your bold look at "young" art.

Who: Billy Reynolds, Sonya Marie Palencia, James Naccarato, Tim McCormick, Korin Faught, Raffaella Brizuela Sigurdardottir, and many, many others.

Where: Gallery Nucleus, 30 West Main Street, Alhambra/CA

When: On view till August 7, 2007.



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Thank you for your patience, Louise!


As always, Julien was absolutely right aeons ago: Was ist ist is indeed Neubauten's greatest song.


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