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Samuel Higley's "Fit For The Plough" Riddles

by Suzanne on September 12th, 2011

The Collector by Samuel Higley, oil on board, 9 x 16", 2011 - click to enlarge

Samuel Higley calls himself a "commercial artist" but as prosaic and honest that description is, it really is way too humble and limiting as his work is really captivating and he's obviously an extremely skilled craftsman.

Fit For the Plough cover by Samuel Higley - click to enlarge

He first caught my eye (ouch!) with his piece The Collector from this summer (very top).

Pick a Pocket or Three (pickpocket) by Samuel Higley - click to enlarge

For the past few weeks, he's been posting his Fit For The Plough series to his Tumblr by turning each ink drawing into an image riddle:

"The subjects are deformed suiting to their occupation. There’s a quote for each image to help guess what their occupation is. I’ll reveal the occupation the following Monday."

Left on the Shelf (librarian) by Samuel Higley - click to enlarge

Samuel's portfolio is here and if you want to follow his Fit For The Plough riddles, make sure to check his Tumblr every Monday for a new piece and the solution to the previous one.

A Fine Catch (yet to be solved - apparently, it's not a lobster fisher...) by Samuel Higley - click to enlarge