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by Suzanne on June 22nd, 2011

I didn't really want to turn each of the following into separate posts, so please do apologise the rather random character of what's to come.


Ingestion / Planet in a Bottle (by Christopher Turner for Cabinet Magazine)

A fantastic article about the bionauts, Buckminster Fuller, and why humans just can't and won't coexist with nature.

Bones with Bling (by Paul Koudounaris for ForteanTimes)

Nomen est omen. A short but sweet article about Europe's old bejewelled skeletons.


Fantastic Animals (by Aleksandra Waliszewska & Matthew Wascovich for My Dance The Skull)

A new publication from the amazing Aleksandra Waliszewska - a few people have told me that the above is most certainly a portrait of yours truly humpin'... SOMETHING... but I guess we'll never know.

Edition of 100 copies, 20 pages, 14 x 21 cm at only £5! Get one while they last.


Uno Moralez Mention No. 238917258

Sickeningly talented Uno Moralez posts pictures of an abandoned project.

Steven Cook's Alternity

The year is 2011 and it looks like Steven Cook has taken up alternifying reality again. Oh boy! Seen above is The Traveller Returns.


Incredible Custom Akira pinball machine

Based on a boring Gottlieb. Found by Otomblr - dedicated to the art of Katsuhiro Otomo.

Tokyo Scum Brigade Tumblr

TSB now have a Tumblr. Noice.

Steven Cook

by Suzanne G. on June 15th, 2004

© Steven Cook
(click on thumbnails to enlarge)
from top to bottom, left to right: "Isabella", "Echo", "What Thou Wilt", "The Proposition", "Monique de Roissy"

"Alternity began about 5 years ago when I started collecting old photographs and carte de visites of people.
I'd be sifting through thousands of the things and every once in a while there would be a character who stood out from the rest - someone who wasn't looking stiff, uptight and scared of losing their soul to the camera.
They shone. Maybe they had an enticing smirk or twinkle in the eye. These were the photos I'd buy. [...]

With Alternity I have created my own version of the past, resurrecting these people from their long forgotten existence, giving them their fifteen minutes of fame - posthumously."

- Steven Cook, London 2002

Steven Cook is exhibiting his Alternity series from June 16 - July 31 2004 as part of the "Personal Space" show at the G.A.S., NYC, USA.

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