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Ceci n'est pas un retour...

by Suzanne G. on November 24th, 2004

Iamque mare invectae flumen populare relinquunt
et Methymnaeae potiuntur litore Lesbi.

(Publius Ovidius Naso, Metamorphoses XI)

© Vladimir Clavijo-Telepnev (via Art Nudes)
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"Inside one of the lifeboats, Desdemona was saying, 'Don't look.'
She was lying on her back. There was no goat's-hair blanket between them, so Lefty covered his eyes with his hands, peeking through his fingers. A single pinhole in the tarp leaked moonlight, which slowly filled the lifeboat. Lefty had seen Desdemona undress many times, but usually as no more than a shadow and never in moonlight. She had never curled onto her back like this, lifting her feet to take off her shoes. He watched and, as she pulled down her skirt and lifted her tunic, was struck by how different his sister looked, in moonlight, in a lifeboat. She glowed. She gave off white light. He blinked behind his hands. The moonlight kept rising; it covered his neck, it reached his eyes until he understood: Desdemona was wearing a corset. [...] Brassiere cups pointed up at the canvas roof. Whalebone slats squeezed her waist. The corset's skirt dropped garters attached to nothing because my grandmother owned no stockings. In the lifeboat, the corset absorbed all available moonlight, with the odd result that Desdemona's face, head, and arms disappeared. She looked like Winged Victory, tumbled on her back, being carted off to a conqueror's museum.
All that was missing was the wings."

(Excerpt from "Middlesex" by Jeffrey Eugenides.)

→ Make sure to check out Mr Clavijo-Telepnev's
Alice in Wonderland project, Michelle! :)



3rd - 5th December 2004

The Nightmare Before Christmas
(curated by Jake & Dinos Chapman)

The incredible line-up includes Throbbing Gristle, Aphex Twin and many, many more...



Empire Square 9

Making Fiends 13

(by Mr and Mrs Wheatley)

(by Tim Greenburg)



© Pippy

Please also say hello to Mario - the cunning cat that travelled from Milan to north Wales in three days!
Over the Alps.



Absinthe chocolate
Real fluorescing deer
Crab shelters made out of calcium carbonate
Jet-powered wheelchair
(Yes indeed, I was thinking of no-one but you,
Dr. von Seetalstein...)



• "Vorsicht auf der A1 Dortmund Richtung Köln zwischen Burscheid und Kreuz Leverkusen:
Gefahr durch eine Sitzbank auf der Fahrbahn."

• "Vorsicht auf der A46 Hagen Richtung Brilon zwischen Freienohl und Wennemen:
Gefahr durch einen Hund auf der Fahrbahn."

(Both heard on DLF, 11th November 2004, 13:11)



"Panzerlied: We sing this in German. This is a German military song. Hans Schmidt (author of “Panzergrenadier” and “Hitler Boys in America”) told us that he first heard it when he was our age. We laid many tracks over each other so that it sounds like many kids singing as they march down a street."

(Found in an interview with the 12-year-old pro-White folk twins Lynx and Lamb a.k.a. "Prussian Blue")



My gorgeous friend Sadie from New Orleans returns with a new website. Welcome back, Sadie! I'm looking forward to more of your scrumptious shots!

Demonika - a good old DJ friend and clothes designer magnifique from Calgary - is now an official SuicideGirl! W000t!

Meanwhile, elsewhere in Canada, the amazing Kristen is trying to brainwash her evil kitty with nothing but sheer mind-power and Febreeze®. Way to go, girl! ;)



I'm writing these lines from an iBook that I borrowed for a couple of days. My PC is still infected and I don't have access to my image folders. And this time, not even Strong Bad can help... teh horror!!!!1

Oh, and due to popular demand, I created a new Amazon wishlist that even non-Teutonians can understand.

And now... sick sweet dreams, my dears...