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by suzanne_tumblr on October 16th, 2009

© Zak Smith (interview)

Zak Smith Reads My Mind - Part MCCXLIII

by Suzanne on November 27th, 2005

- 2,13% starving, 97,87% artist

Over the past year, monsieur Zak Smith has become my favourite Jeune Artiste Furieux - not only because his drawings and paintings are so romantically rebellious and achingly intimate, but also because it's an enormous pleasure to get emails from him.

© Zak Smith - click images to enlarge

So far, we've discussed topics like sending DNA extracted from his blue/yellow/green hair to a Swiss lab to clone an army of ZakArtBots, the melancholy beauty of zits, the art of starvation & the starvation of the arts, as well as the deplorable nonexistence of squirrels in Brooklyn.

From Zak I learned that

"Pride is only useful as an antidote to shame, so keep it in a bottle and don't let it out much."

Recently, however, Zak started to read my mind - which I find rather uncanny:

"[...] Unless this is one of those things where you write me e-mails pretending to have a crush on me and then take my responses and make some art project out of them - I hate that."

Damn. o_O

Anyway, you might be interested to know that my inspiring friend Zak is featured in Phaidon's "Vitamin D - New Perspectives in Drawing" and that D.A.P. will soon release a veritable Zakofolio.

Thanks for not letting sudden fame play treacherous games with you, Zak.



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• Zak @ Fredericks & Freiser Gallery
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