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Ray Caesar's "A Gentle Kind of Cruely" at Jonathan LeVine, NYC

by Suzanne on January 17th, 2011

Calamity by Ray Caesar, 2010 - click to enlarge

The lovely people at Jonathan LeVine Gallery were so kind as to send me these sneak preview pictures for their upcoming Ray Caesar (previously featured here, here, here, here, here and everywhere) show entitled A Gentle Kind of Cruelty opening this coming Saturday, January 22.

Anniversaire by Ray Caesar, 2010 - click to enlarge

Eternally possessed by all the little devils in the detail, Ray's works are always a pure feast for the visual archaeologist and although the themes of the new series of oeuvres seem familiar, there are unknown dangers looming in every corner:

Fire ants and bandaged legs invading and distorting a picturesque Rococo scenery in Calamity (top) bring the tragedies of the Picnic at Hanging Rock to mind. And I thought Jean-Honoré Fragonard's L'escarpolette was ambiguous.

A tiny fly tries desperately to escape a birthday girl's party whistle/tongue in Anniversaire (middle) and some of Ray's favourite attributes make an appearance in Home Coming (bottom): Bat mask, spats, ice skates, tentacled baby. Courant normal then. Show details below.

Home Coming by Ray Caesar, 2010 - click to enlarge

Opening reception: Jan 22 2011, 6 - 8 PM

On show: Jan 22 - Feb 19, 2011

Address: Jonathan LeVine Gallery, 529 West 20th Street, 9th Floor, New York, NY 10011, tel: 212-243-3822 | Map & Directions

Hours: Tue - Sat: 11 AM - 6 PM


Artist's website

Ray Caesar on the WurzelForum

... and in related eye candy news, my incredibly bright and exquisitely talented friend Amrei Hofstätter has a new website. Go say hi.

Fuco Ueda's "Lucid Dream" at Bunkamura Gallery, Tokyo

by Suzanne on January 14th, 2011

Symbiosis 5 by Fuco Ueda, acrylic & shell powder on canvas, 2008 - click to enlarge

Fuco Ueda emailed me the other day about her upcoming exhibition in Tokyo this February. It's a bit premature, but hell knows, maybe you want to plan a trip there (I wouldn't blame you), so I'll post early.

To mark the publication of her art book Lucid Dream, Bunkamura Gallery has given her the opportunity to exhibit a selection of her oeuvre from the past few years in a solo show carrying the same title as the monograph.

Dream Passage by Fuco Ueda, acrylic & shell powder on canvas, 2008

Ranging from her early 2k works that were - despite the jolly pastel colours and kawaii protagonists - of a more auto-aggressive, sado-masochistic, darkly mythological and abysmal nature (lots of razor blades, strangulations, incarceration, isolation, badly healed animal-human hybrids, pyromaniacs, child pregnancy.... NICE!), to her more recent works that show an obsession with the ideas of symbiosis, fungi, sweets and saliva plus with the random cephalopod and eel still present, I can safely say that this show will provide enough eye candy for everyone.

The Dream That I Watched Sometime by Fuco Ueda, acrylic & modelling paste on canvas, 2004 - click to enlarge

Opening reception: Feb 5, 2011, 6 PM

On show: Feb 2 - Feb 13, 2011

Address: Bunkamura Gallery, 2- 24-1 Dougenzaka Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, Japan, tel: 03-3477-9174

Hours: 10 AM - 7.30 PM

Press release | Flyer

Purchase Lucid Dreams monograph

Artist's website

Fuco Ueda on the WurzelForum I II

In other spastically colourful news...

i) Why not colour in this Julian Assange picture book over the weekend? (thanks, klav!)

ii) Congratulations to Elmgreen & Dragset for winning next year's Forth Plinth commission with Powerless Structures, Fig. 101. It's reassuring to know that Olympic tourists will get to see subventioned borderline child pr0n. I guess. (¬_¬)

James Jean Book Signing Tomorrow Night!

by Suzanne on September 19th, 2008

From the AIDES poster series by James Jean - click on image for details

Übertalented WurzelFavourite® James Jean (previously featured here & here) will be signing copies of his spanking new XOXO postcard books at Nucleus Gallery in Alhambra tomorrow night.

Don't miss this if you're in the area - it's a one-night-only event and free refreshments will be provided. Wooooohooooo!

XOXO book cover by James Jean, 30 postcards, published by Chronicle Books, 2008 - click on image for details

Signing: Tomorrow, Saturday, September 20, 2008, 8 - 10 PM

Address: Gallery Nucleus, 210 East Main St, Alhambra CA 91801, USA, tel: 626.458.7477 | Map

Event details

Artist's website & blog

Camille Rose Garcia at Jonathan LeVine, NYC

by Suzanne on September 5th, 2008

From Camille Rose Garcia's Ultraviolenceland series, 2004

Camille Rose Garcia - the veritable queen of gin drinking cephalopoda, emo swans, suicidal fawns & eerie, axe-wielding heroines - will exhibit new works at New York's Jonathan LeVine Gallery in a solo show entitled Ambien Somnambulants from tomorrow onwards.

Sadly, there's no exhibition preview for the show online yet, but I'm sure the LeVinians will put the works live once the show has opened. All details below.

Opening reception: Tomorrow, Saturday, September 6, 2008, 7 - 9 PM

On show: September 6 - October 4, 2008

Opening times: Tue - Sat, 11 AM - 6 PM

Address: Jonathan LeVine Gallery, 529 West 20th Street, 9E New York, NY 10011, USA, tel: 212 243 3822 | Map

Artist's website

Preview show | Opening reception photos

Audrey Kawasaki at Mondo Bizzarro, Rome

by Suzanne on August 30th, 2008

Yasuragi by Audrey Kawasaki, oil and graphite on wood, 2007 - click for details

Attenzione lettori italiani!

Audrey Kawasaki is coming to adorn your beautiful capital with her lascivious nymphettas and their tentacled & skeletal friends.

Kakurenbou opens at Mondo Bizzarro this Thursday and will be on show until early October. Further details below.

Admitting my ambiguous love/hate, fascination/boredom relationship with Audrey's work has made me a lot of teenage iEnemies in the past - but I'm sure that an artist who's constantly inundated with praise can sometimes deal with a tiny bit of constructive criticism, nope?

However, when it comes to certain pieces like Yasuragi (above) and Umi no Yami no Jyoou (below - which probably translates to: "Who reads this is stupid."), the love factor definitely outweighs.

So yes, even though I still prefer your earlier works back when your girls' torsi seemed to float in a Bellmeresque state of constant morpholysis, I do like the presence of more and more skulls and skeletal remains in your works, so all is well, everyone's a winner, no baby seals were clubbed and I'm gonna shut up now. o_O

Umi no Yami no Jyoou by Audrey Kawasaki, oil and graphite on wood, 2007 - click for details

Opening: Thursday, September 4, 2008

On show: September 4 - October 2, 2008

Address: Mondo Bizzarro Gallery, Via Reggio Emilia 32 c/d, 00198 Roma, Italy, tel/fax: 06 44247451 | Map

Artist's website

In other news, I just swallowed a piece of orange plastic I found on the floor thinking it was a piece of a carrot. I can't recommend it.

Ray Caesar & Adam Wallacavage at Jonathan LeVine Gallery, NYC

by Suzanne on June 25th, 2008

Daybreak by Ray Caesar

Having known about Ray Caesar's upcoming exhibition at Jonathan LeVine Gallery for a couple of months now, I'm not ashamed to admit that I visited Ray's website twice a day since the beginning of June to get a glimpse of his new In the Garden of Moonlight series.

And today, gentle reader, my perseverance has finally been rewarded in the most glorious manner: Ray added 4 (!) new gallery pages to his portfolio showcasing some experimental new artistic techniques and a plethora of black insectoid mecha automata that I wish would be adopted by the TFL as public transportation vehicles.

Oh, and as if a Ray Caesar show wouldn't offer enough eye candy already, Jonathan LeVine presents tentaculicious new chandelier sculptures by Adam Wallacavage at the same time.

Caesar's In the Garden of Moonlight and Wallacavage's Les Trésors de la Tanière de Neptune both open this Saturday, June 28, 7 - 9 PM.

Descent by Ray Caesar

Opening reception: Saturday, June 28, 2008, 7 - 9 PM

On show: June 28 - July 26, 2008

Opening times: Tue - Sat, 11 AM - 6 PM

Address: Jonathan LeVine Gallery, 529 West 20th Street, 9E New York, NY 10011, USA, tel: 212 243 3822 | Map

Artists' websites: Ray Caesar | Adam Wallacavage

Opening reception pics | Juxtapoz review

Blaschka Glass Models & Photographs Touring Germany

by Suzanne on May 17th, 2008

© Leopold & Rudolf Blaschka | Photograph by Heidi & Hans-Jürgen Koch

The incredibly detailed and highly fragile tentacled glass invertebrate models (and photographs thereof) created by Leopold (1822 - 1895) & Rudolf (1857 - 1939) Blaschka's supernaturally gifted hands are currently touring Germany's natural history museums.

Closing tomorrow at Technische Sammlung in Dresden, the show entitled Gläserne Geschöpfe des Meeres will travel to Reutlingen, Bremen and finally Munich (c.f. dates and locations below).

Even though - as far as I understood the announcement - the exhibition will mainly focus on Heidi & Hans-Jürgen Koch's photographs of the glass sculptures, a few very delicate Blaschka sea creatures have been loaned from Museum für Naturkunde Berlin to go on show.

This is a very rare opportunity to see them in all their otherworldly fragility and delicacy.

Exhibition Dresden: Closing tomorrow, Sunday, May 18, 2008 | Location: Technische Sammlung Dresden

Exhibition Reutlingen: July 10 - October 19, 2008 | Location: Naturkundemuseum Reutlingen

Exhibition Bremen: November 15, 2008 - January 15, 2009 | Location: Ãœbersee-Museum Bremen

Exhibition Munich: February 12 - April 30, 2009 | Location: Museum Mensch & Natur München

Art Magazin review

Catalogue: Blaschka. Gläserne Geschöpfe des Meeres by Heidi und Hans-Jürgen Koch. Hamburg: Verlag Dölling & Galitz 2007.

Find out more about the Blaschkas:

Blaschka-Haus e.V. - Blaschka Association in Dresden

Out of the Teeming Sea - Cornell University's website on Leopold & Rudolf Blaschka's glass invertebrate models

The Glass Aquarium - Blaschka article by the Design Museum

Botanical Wonders - Article by the Corning Museum of Glass about the Blaschkas' Harvard Glass Flowers

The Glass Menagerie - Frieze feature on the life and work of the Blaschkas

Flowers Out of Glass - Beautiful article by Nancy Marie Brown

Sea Creatures of the Deep - Nice picture gallery of the Blaschka glass models

The Blaschka Marine Invertebrates - William Warmus article about the Cornell Blaschka collection

Glass Jellyfish, Squid, Flowers & Other Marvels... - Thread over at the ever educating WurzelForum®

"The New Mythology" at Dorothy Circus Gallery, Rome

by Suzanne on May 15th, 2008

You better finish what you started by Michael Page

Artist Nathan Spoor is the curator behind an interesting group show entitled The New Mythology due to open in Rome tomorrow.

This is a great opportunity to see the works of some rather obscure, elusive and fortean artists like Michael Page (c.f. above & below), Travis Louie, Lola and Chris Ryniak united in one place.

Fight that cannot be won by Michael Page

Opening reception: Tomorrow, May 16, 2008

On show: May 16 - June 15, 2008

Featuring: Michael Page (c.f. above), Travis Louie, Lola, Dan May, Naoto Hattori, Chris Ryniak, Ken Keirns, et al.

Address: Dorothy Circus Gallery, Via Nuoro 17, 00182 Rome, Italy, tel: +39 06 70161256 | Map | Flyer

Preview exhibited works | Preview exhibition book

Interview on Secret Still

Heidi Taillefer's "Muses and Heroes" at Irvine Contemporary, Washington D.C.

by Suzanne on April 3rd, 2008

Complicated Shadows by Heidi Taillefer, 2006

Born 1970 in Montreal, Quebec, Heidi Taillefer - previously featured here - has been drawing since her very early childhood.

Her eccentric and often esoteric style may be the result of the devoted, decade-long, mostly autodidactic study of various artistic techniques.

Growing up in a very creative environment, Heidi never had to make aesthetic concessions that would dilute her unique brushwork.

She gets her inspiration from taxidermy, Wunderkammern, bizarre specimens displayed in natural history collections, circus & sideshow attractions... from the deformities and mutations that make all organic life so beautifully diverse and inimitable.

Her characters are chimerae of human, animal and robotic descent - organic and mechanic at the same time.

From Saturday onwards, Irvine Contemporary will be presenting her Muses and Heroes show to the interested Washington public.

Frustration Attraction by Heidi Taillefer, 2006

Opening reception (Heidi will be present): Saturday, April 5, 2008, 6 - 10 PM

On show: April 5 - May 10, 2008

Address: Irvine Contemporary, 1412 14th St., NW, Washington, DC 20005, USA, tel: 202-332-8767 | Map

Press release | Exhibited works

Kathie Olivas' "Bittersweet" at Gallery 1988/SF

by Suzanne on February 29th, 2008

Crow and Stowaway by Kathie Olivas

Kathie Olivas - the woman best known for adding tentacles to almost anything - will present new paintings, sculptures and custom vinyl toys at Gallery 1988 in San Francisco from tonight till March 22.

Opening reception: Tonight, February 29, 2008, 7-10 PM

On show: February 29 - March 22, 2008

Address: Gallery 1988, 1173 Sutter Street (at Polk Street), San Francisco, CA 94109, tel: (415) 409-1376

View exhibited works


© Alex CF

Alex's Merrylin Cryptid no.25 is now listed for sale on eBay!


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