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Elizabeth McGrath & Co. at DvA Gallery, Chicago

by Suzanne on April 25th, 2008

Sailor by Elizabeth McGrath

As from tomorrow, selected works by Wurzeltod® favourites Elizabeth McGrath (c.f. sculpture above - previously featured here and here), Dave Cooper, Chris Mars, Daniel Martin Diaz, Ana Bagayan (and friends) will grace the walls of David van Alphen's DvA Gallery in Chicago.

Make sure to turn up a little early - there's a book and toy signing taking place 3 hours before the official opening reception!

Opening reception: Tomorrow April 26, 2008, 7 - 11 PM

Featuring: Elizabeth McGrath, Dave Cooper, Chris Mars, Daniel Martin Diaz, Ana Bagayan, Yosuke Ueno, Bonni Reid, Nathan Ota, Bob Dob, et al.

Address: DvA Gallery, 2568 N. Lincoln Ave., IL 60614, Chicago | Directions

Preview exhibited works


"Goth - Reality of the Departed World" at Yokohama Museum of Art/Japan

by Suzanne on March 24th, 2008

Untitled (Vestido Montez) by Dr. Lakra (a.k.a. Jeronimo Lopez Ramirez)

Final chance for tentacled Japanese people to go see Goth - Reality of the Departed World at Yokohama Museum of Art in Japan which features a rather heterogeneous group of six artists - three Japanese and three equally inspiring occidental specimens.

Closes: Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Featured artists: Dr. Lakra, Ricky Swallow, Pyuupiru, Tabaimo, Masayuki Yoshinaga & Ingrid Mwangi Robert Hutter

Address: Yokohama Museum of Art, 3-4-1, Minatomirai, Nishi-ku, Yokohama, 220-0012 Japan, tel 045-221-0300

Short movies

Frieze Review | WMMNA Review

You shouldn't let poets lie to you

by Suzanne on August 22nd, 2006

© Suzanne G. - Bobo, The One-Armed Vampire Teddy From Hell - click to enlarge

Die Welt: Wie haben Sie den Tod Ihrer Frau überwunden?

Pogorelich: [...] Sie hatte alles, Herkunft, Erziehung, Schönheit, Talent und Freundlichkeit. Sie überstrahlte alles wie ein Komet. Man konnte mit ihr freilich nie ausruhen, sie war immer aktiv.

Selbst im Tod war sie noch die Prinzessin, als die sie geboren wurde.

Sie hatte Leberkrebs.

Als sie starb, explodierte die Leber und in ihrem letzten Kuss überschüttete sie mich mit schwarzem Blut. Ich sah aus wie das Phantom der Oper. Mein Haar war völlig verklebt. Ich wollte es nicht wegwischen. Und als man uns mit Champagner kondolierte, da war ich immer noch voll mit ihrem Blut. Aber jeder hat das verstanden. Das war wie bei Jackie Kennedy, die ihr mit dem Hirn ihres Mannes besudeltes Kostüm nicht wechseln wollte [...].

(Ivo Pogorelich interviewed about the death of his wife (et al.) by Die Welt)


i) Yes, I know... I haven't been answering your emails and/or comments lately. That's because I was on holidays for three weeks and currently have about 380 emails in the answering queue. Sorry about that.

ii) For very obscure nostalgic reasons, I bought a pair of Dr. Martens in the size that I had when I got my first pair on my 13th birthday. Sadly, they won't let me return nor exchange them. So if you're a size 5 (UK), this is your ultimate chance to get a pair of hardly worn classic 8-eyelet Docs for only $60. Actually, I'll make it $50 for you. Yay! Click here for details.

iii) Your advice on tattoo designs is needed here. Gracias.


© Femke Hiemstra - click to enlarge

Cheval Noir | Dan May | Daniel Hyun Lim | Femke Hiemstra | Jeremiah Ketner | Kelly Tunstall | Kent Williams | Kenzo Minami | Linn Olofsdotter | LostFish | Marci Washington | Ogi | Ruby Mag | Sam Smith


Still from TV Goes Directly Into You

Björk: TV Goes Directly Into You - 'You shouldn't let poets lie to you...'

Marlene Dietrich: Fashion Side, Part II - 'The devil is a woman...' (via The Reverse Cowgirl)


© Chris Ryniak - click to enlarge

Chris Ryniak Q+A (by Atomic Threat)

Chris Sickels interview (by Illustration Mundo)


Alice in Wonderland (by Lewis Carroll / English / Ill.)

Swimming Scientifically Taught (by Frank Eugen Dalton and Louis C. Dalton / English / Ill. / Wurzeltod® recommendation!)

The Adventures of Tom Sawyer (by Mark Twain / English / Ill.)


Internet Soul Portraits - Gallery of the biggest sites on the net stripped of their text, with only their graphics remaining. (via K10k)


BBC NEWS | The Editors | Pronunciation unit - A guide to words and names in the news.


© Camille Rose Garcia at Outré Gallery - click to enlarge

Kathie Olivas, Chet Zar & Naoto Hattori at CoproNason Gallery in Santa Monica, USA.

→ Opened: 19 August 2006 | Closes: 9 September 2006 | Previews: Kathie Olivas, Naoto Hattori | Press release to Kathie Olivas

Flaunt at Junc Gallery in Los Angeles, USA.

→ Opened: 19 August 2006 | Featuring: Amy Ross, Camilla Engman, Jen Corace, Eric Beltz, et al.

Yosuke Ueno & Friends at La Luz de Jesus in Los Angeles, USA.

→ Remains through: 27 August 2006 | Also featuring: Christopher Umana, Martin Wittfooth, et al.

Pleasure Little Treasure at Stay Gold Gallery in Brooklyn, NY, USA.

→ Remains through: 27 August 2006 | Featuring: Lisa Alisa and Hiroki Otsuka

Chris Ware at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Chicago, USA.

→ Remains through: 27 August 2006

Unknown Weegee at the International Center of Photography in New York, USA.

→ Remains through: 27 August 2006 | NYT review

Hans Bellmer - Ingenieur des Eros at Pinakothek der Moderne in Munich, Germany.

→ Remains through: 27 August 2006 | Portal Kunstgeschichte review

Henri Cartier-Bresson - Photographien und Zeichnungen at Ludwiggalerie Schloss Oberhausen in Oberhausen, Germany.

→ Remains through: 27 August 2006 | Portal Kunstgeschichte review

Rineke Dijkstra: Portraits at Galerie Rudolfinum in Prague, Czech Republic.

→ Remains through: 27 August 2006

The Treasures of Long Gone John at Outré Gallery in Melbourne, Australia.

→ Remains through: 29 August 2006 | Group exhibition featuring: Mark Ryden, Todd Schorr, Camille Rose Garcia, et al.

Receiver Guest Artists Show at Receiver Gallery in San Francisco, USA.

→ Remains through: 29 August 2006 | Featuring: Ogi, Henry Lewis, Kelly Tunstall, Marci Washington, et al.

Derek Nobbs at Optic Nerve Arts Gallery in Portland, USA.

→ Opening: 31 August 2006, 6 - 9 PM | PDF poster | Buy prints by Derek Nobbs at the WurzelShoppe!

Im Auge des Pfauen

by Suzanne on January 12th, 2006

© Colette Calascione - click to enlarge (thanks, Phantasmaphile!)


Schwerer Vögelregen
auf nacktem Baum:
so leicht vibrierend
von lebendigen Blättern
kleidet er sich.

Aber der Schwarm stiebt
hellblauer Februar
liegt mit dem Abend
auf den Zweigen.

Zart ist mein Leib,
entblößt für die Flüge
des Schattens.

(19. Februar 1935 by Antonia Pozzi, 1912-1938)


© Heather Nevay

Andy Ward | Art Krush | Art Prostitute | Ben Frost | Blood is the New Black | Clandestina #41 | Elzo.be | FrankenStyles | Greg Houston | Heather Nevay | Hello Duudle | InkSurge | Jotto | Kristian Olson | Le Wub | Masayoshi Mizuho | Not So Simpleton | Shift 110 | Tra Selhtrow


Flyer for When Genevieve Ruled The World

When Genevieve Ruled The World - She's already got a pony. She wants the world.

La Chute de l'Ange - Bittersweet b/w animation about the fall of an angel.

Tattooman - Stunning animation about anthropomorphic tattoos brought to you by Scifi.com (via Yoni).

Bea Camacho's ‘Enclose’ - Performance during which Bea Camacho crocheted herself into a cocoon with red yarn. (via Glubibulga).


Les misérables Tome I, II, III, IV & V (by Victor Hugo / French)

The collected works of Henrik Ibsen Vol 6 & Vol 7 (by Henrik Ibsen / English)

The Devil's Dictionary (by Ambrose Bierce / English)

The Time Machine (by H. G. Wells / English / Audiobook)

And finally, some incredibly beautiful gems from The Library of Congress' Rare Book and Special Collections Reading Room for Children's Literature:

The 12 magic changelings (by M.A. Glen / English / Illustrated)

The baby's own Aesop (by Walter Crane / English / Illu.)

The Children's object book (by F. Warne & Co. / English / Illu.)

The Circus procession (by McLoughlin Bro's. / English / Illu.)

Death and burial of poor Cock Robin (by H.L. Stephens / English / Illu.)

London town (by Thos. Crane & Ellen Houghton / English / Illu.)

Stories from Hans Andersen (by Andersen & Dulac / English / Illu.)


Chris Mars interview (by Decent Content)


Ryan Burghard - His blog has been featured here a couple of times before. Now, Ryan is back with his own website. Well done, monsieur Burghard!


Huuuuuuuuge thanks to Meagan and Thomas for sending me Christmas presents. I'd never even dreamt that anyone would actually click on the Amazon® button. You're not only extremely generous, you also proved that you have exquisite taste. Yoshitomo Nara and Charles Burns are indeed two of my favourite artists/writers ever. Thankies! <3

Gonzo is gone

by Juju on February 21st, 2005

© Neil Aldride
Hunter S Thompson has sadly committed suicide...
"(he) was an unflinching and acerbic chronicler of US counterculture."

Rural Russian hand painted posters for contemporary films

Tattooed dolls, the plastic kind.

Microsoft linguistical help for challenged parents...
"ph": often replaces "f," as in "phear" for "fear" (as in "ph34r my l33t skillz") and vice versa, such as spelling "phonetic" as "f0|\|371(."
...uhuh so where's the translation for M$ then?

Ninja's and Pirates... yarrr!

"The whole of nature stinks of disintegration and decay... we are already in hell..." lovely little animations to cheer up your day.

Pigs Can Fly

by Suzanne G. on June 22nd, 2004

("Artemis" by Mark Green & Andy Feehan - click to enlarge)

"Driven by a dream I had at the age of twenty-three during my junior year at the University of St. Thomas in Houston, Texas, I began to draw pigs with wings. I drew pigs with wings over and over until, during my senior year, I realized it might be possible to actually create a real winged pig by employing tattoos..."

(Andy Feehan on "Tattooed Pigs And Hairless Dogs")