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Hell. Redux.

by Suzanne G. on May 30th, 2004

© Dinos & Jake Chapman
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Well, fine then! There's a reason why I haven't blogged this yet:
I couldn't care less about the Charles Fucking Saatchi Imperium and the ever hyped BritArts. But I do care about The Chapman Bros' artworks. And, honestly speaking, the best thing that could possibly happen to stress the importance of an installation such as "Hell" is... A FIRE!

Let's face it, that was the best meta-destructive performance of an artwork ever! The artwork itself created its own hell and destruction and thus fulfilled its sole mission.

→ UPDATE, 07-22-2004: NYT article on the Chapman Bros' new "Hell" project

Stranger A Day

by Suzanne G. on May 30th, 2004

© Roark Johnson
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Since January 1st, 2004 Roark Johnson has been photographing strangers, people he doesn't know, once a day, every day.

Ted Johnson

by Suzanne G. on May 30th, 2004

© Max Cannon for Red Meat

Elizabeth McGrath

by Suzanne G. on May 29th, 2004

© Elizabeth McGrath
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The name of Elizabeth's secret webdesigner is finally revealed: It's the insanely talented Tara Sinn!

Also, if you're near a N.Y. newsstand, look for an article about Miss Derringer (Elizabeth's band) in the May issue of Paper Magazine.


by Suzanne G. on May 29th, 2004

P L A Y !

(© Sam Driscoll - via Klav)

Recent relevant additions to the ever growing Wurzeltod™ Skweeerlz ov D00m Database:

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• ... illustrated...

Work-Safe Art - Issue V

by Suzanne G. on May 29th, 2004

© Worth1000

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Worth1000® is making art work-safe by putting clothes on famous nudes, thus turning art history into a cellulite-free zone.

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Usama Alshaibi

by Suzanne G. on May 25th, 2004

© Usama Alshaibi
Model: Adele Phi at G'Factor Studios in Chicago
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Part III of The Modernist's Furniture and Naked People series - your favourite naïve IKEA softcore on the web!

→ Furniture and Naked People #1:
Richard Kern

→ Furniture and Naked People #2:
Doug Fogelson


by Suzanne G. on May 25th, 2004

© Jean Ignace Isidore Grandville
Scénes de la vie privée et publique des animaux
1840 - 1843


The Cult of Radical Marms

Czech Butcher Erotica

Fuck For Forest


Spanking the Monkey - The Strangest Children's Book of the 19th Century Teaches You the Facts of Life — Complete With Singing Vagina

Sex with stormtroopers - A journey to the heart of science fiction fandom reveals that selling out is a geek survival trait.

Building a New Europe - William E Jones's The Fall of Communism as Seen in Gay Pornography

Sieg Hot - Nazi Porn Still Alive, Somehow...
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Penises And Vaginas In Polite Society

by Suzanne G. on May 25th, 2004

Uncle Melon has provided the following scenario for you to learn more about penises and vaginas and how they interact in polite society:

(© Uncle Melon: How to Use a Vagina and/or Penis)

Axis of Eve

by Suzanne G. on May 25th, 2004

axis of eve)

"The Axis of Eve is a coalition of brazen women on a mission to EXPOSE and DEPOSE President Select George W. Bush and his deceitful administration. Convinced that effective political action can be irreverent and exciting, we have launched a titillating campaign of TRUTH-FLASHING coordinated around our provocative line of protest panties.

We Eves are gearing up for a shameless summer of panty-flashing to lay bare the shameful tactics of the Bush administration and boldly demand an end to political cover-up. Our campaign for naked democracy will culminate at the Republican National Convention in NYC in September, where we will create a media spectacle b(e)aring messages of truth, accountability, and peace."

Purchase Protest Panties!