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Buy Two, Get 11 Free!

by Suzanne G. on June 23rd, 2004

© Yann Arthus-Bertrand
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from top to bottom, left to right:
Felomena, ses petits et M. Giovanni Ottorino
Bagnères de Poulard et M. Henri Bordes
Harper of Tetford et M. J. Richard Harper-Smith
Gamin et M. Roland et Marie Pevent
Nicotine et M. Hervé Legay

"Lorsque l’on cadre, on regarde de façon plus tendue, plus professionnelle, on est dans la concentration, la distanciation. On a l’œil vif. L’émotion vient plus tard. Avec le temps, l’appareil devient un prolongement de soi. Je n’arrive quasiment plus à regarder le monde hors du cadre de l’appareil photo. J’ai l’obsession de La Grande Image. À tel point que je préfèrerais presque ne pas voir certaines choses, que de les voir sans un appareil photo."

→ Yann Arthus-Bertrand's current exhibition "A Terra vista do Céu" ("The Earth from Above") is situated near the beautiful Praça do Comércio square, at the harbour of Lisbon.

Psychological Problems In The Artiodactyl World

by Suzanne G. on June 22nd, 2004

© banksy - click to enlarge


Autodestructive self-criticism of teenage pigs.

Pigs Can Fly

by Suzanne G. on June 22nd, 2004

("Artemis" by Mark Green & Andy Feehan - click to enlarge)

"Driven by a dream I had at the age of twenty-three during my junior year at the University of St. Thomas in Houston, Texas, I began to draw pigs with wings. I drew pigs with wings over and over until, during my senior year, I realized it might be possible to actually create a real winged pig by employing tattoos..."

(Andy Feehan on "Tattooed Pigs And Hairless Dogs")

The Ostrich Incident

by Suzanne G. on June 18th, 2004

(© The Graphic Magazine, 1883 - click to enlarge)

"Attacked By An Ostrich - An incident on a farm at the Cape of Good Hope."

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(via Dark Victoria)

Steven Cook

by Suzanne G. on June 15th, 2004

© Steven Cook
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from top to bottom, left to right: "Isabella", "Echo", "What Thou Wilt", "The Proposition", "Monique de Roissy"

"Alternity began about 5 years ago when I started collecting old photographs and carte de visites of people.
I'd be sifting through thousands of the things and every once in a while there would be a character who stood out from the rest - someone who wasn't looking stiff, uptight and scared of losing their soul to the camera.
They shone. Maybe they had an enticing smirk or twinkle in the eye. These were the photos I'd buy. [...]

With Alternity I have created my own version of the past, resurrecting these people from their long forgotten existence, giving them their fifteen minutes of fame - posthumously."

- Steven Cook, London 2002

Steven Cook is exhibiting his Alternity series from June 16 - July 31 2004 as part of the "Personal Space" show at the G.A.S., NYC, USA.

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Lifting And Spanking Machine

by Suzanne G. on June 15th, 2004

(© DeMoulin Bros. & Co. - click to enlarge)

"With this machine the candidate cannot kick his own pants while wearing them, but can have them spanked where his mother used to apply the sole of her slipper, by simply testing his strength. The position in which he places himself causes a little strain in the seat of his pants, which is not objectionable, as it pulls up all the slack when he pulls up on the handles. Just about the time he gets well started lifting, a trigger is automatically released, which causes the spanking paddle to spring into place and strike him on the kazabo, at the same time exploding a 32-calibre blank cartridge with a loud report..."

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Weekend Art: Chicago - Zürich - Bristol

by Suzanne G. on June 12th, 2004

So you cannot come to tonight's Addict Records Night @ Hirschi Basel and you are way too sober to celebrate the Laughing Squid's 8½ Year Anniversary Show?
Never mind, there's other inspiring things to see this weekend:


Smiling Through The Apocalypse @ Darkroom, Chicago, USA

Sunday, June 13 2004

Special guest DJ: Damon Locks
Residents: Fairic & Gayson
(Brought to you by The Modernist Society)


It's All An Illusion - A Sculpture Project @ Migros Museum, Zürich, SWITZERLAND

June 12 – August 8, 2004

Liz Craft, Olaf Nicolai, Anselm Reyle, Marc Camille Chaimowicz, Katja Strunz, Tom Burr, Mark Handforth, Valentin Carron, Berta Fischer, Karim Ghelloussi, Keith Edmier, Heidi Bucher, Vito Acconci, Gary Webb, Manfred Pernice and Jonathan Monk


FRESH - 1st exhibition of SOMA, Bristol's newest art gallery @ SOMA, Bristol, UK

June 12 – July 24, 2004

Jon Burgerman, Anthony Burrill, Container with Anna Rosa Krau, Richard May and Dettmer E. Otto

The Father, The Mother And The Donkey

by Suzanne G. on June 11th, 2004

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Mr Tod, ca. 1948

Mrs Tod and her donkey, ca. 1969

The Dentist

by Suzanne G. on June 11th, 2004

© Miss W. Tod

For Jonathan

by Suzanne G. on June 10th, 2004

(... who dearly misses the Land of the Rising Tentacle...)

(*gnwaaarggwwwraggglllll* - click on image to enlarge)

Guaranteed Eel-Friendly Links

Breathtakingly beautiful Japanese shunga gallery - featuring erotic artworks by Koryusai, Chokosai Eisho, Yanagawa Shigenobu and a rare piece by Katsushika Hokusai.

(click on thumbnails to enlarge)
from top to bottom, left to right:
• "Woman with dildo strapped to ankle, man watching"
• "Man inserting dildo into woman’s vagina"
• "Man with woman’s ghost, reclining"
• "Vagina with fingers inside"

Orientalia: Sex In Asia - An interview with Reagan Louie (by Edgar Barrington)

J-List: Fix for Japan Pop-Culture Addicts - An interview with J-List founder Peter Payne
(by Xeni Jardin)

Hentai dictionary: Japanese perversions, fetishes and AV slang

Tied and True Tales - Japanese Bondage Art linklist