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Indian Gothic

by Suzanne G. on June 10th, 2004

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"Des milliers de personnes ont assisté, mardi à Srinagar (Inde), aux funérailles d'Ahmad Molvi Mushtaq, proche parent d'un haut responsable séparatiste musulman, Omar Farooq, dirigeant politico-religieux incarnant la tendance modérée de l'alliance séparatiste Hurriyat (Liberté).
Parmi l'assistance, ces femmes cachemiris venues rendre un dernier hommage au défunt.
Agressé quelques jours plus tôt dans une mosquée par les rebelles du Mouvement pour Sauver le Cachemire, Ahmad Molvi Mushtaq est mort des suites de ses blessures."

(via Libération.fr)

La Renaissance, c'est bête!

by Suzanne G. on June 8th, 2004

© Worth1000
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Worth1000 launched a new contest that incorporates animals into classical artworks - it's a hybrid between their infamous Modern Renaissance Contests and their hilarious Animal Dressup Contests.

→ Animal Renaissance I | II | III

... but however hard Worth1000 tries, it'll never be as WOO-tastic as b3ta... ;)

Bitey of Brackenwood

by Suzanne G. on June 8th, 2004

(... and other brain-melting animations...)

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Bitey of Brackenwood
Brackenwood Entertainments)

Grandad - He Had A Good Life
Mr Wellington and Mr Peters)

Youth of Britain, Rob Manuel & Joel Veitch)

David Packer)

Cookie Thievery)

→ Click at your own psychick risk!

Painful but Fabulous

by Suzanne G. on June 7th, 2004

(Genesis P-Orridge a.k.a. Evedolf)

"If you start to believe in the things you make, instead of the reasons that you make them, then you start to produce art for other people instead of yourself.
That’s something that I’ve always tried really hard to avoid, I’ve always tried to be my own therapist or analyst checking."

Genesis P-Orridge, mastermind behind Psychic TV, Throbbing Gristle and Thee Temple ov Psychick Youth (T.O.P.Y.) is exhibiting artwork from his Painful but Fabulous series at Künstlerhaus Bethanien, Germany, until June 20th 2004.

Ota Keiti

by Suzanne G. on June 7th, 2004

© Ota Keiti
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"Sampling and collage are not the core of the culture. They may be new and exciting today, but they're insignificant in the big scheme of things. We'll look back at what's happening today and we're not going to be impressed. People are slaves to popularity. If you take the long view of any art movement, it looks like a bunch of worms wriggling in one place. No one's trying to break through; no one's aware of other places, of other planes of existence. And it all follows a circular path. Whatever's au courant, you should explore the 180-degree opposite."

- Ota Keiti

Ota Keiti (a.k.a. Ota Kêiti a.k.a. Ohta Keiichi a.k.a. Oota Keiticle) is currently exhibiting @ Le Dernier Cri in Rennes, France.

The Tale of Mars Tokyo

by Suzanne G. on June 3rd, 2004

© Mars Tokyo
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Mars Tokyo is a recluse / artist living in North Dakota. She is reported to be a giantess effected by radiation at birth. Little is known of her background and no one has ever taken a photograph of her, but it is believed that she was born in Hiroshima at the time of the atomic bomb...

The above images are taken from several series of Ms Tokyo's Theaters of the 13th Dimension:

top: Teatro della Vanitas
I: Teatro di Intuizione
II: Teatro dell'Infinitá III
III: Teatro del Coniglio
IV: Teatro della Fragilita

... and now, please spend the next two hours of your life exploring the enchanting Visual Diary of Ms Tokyo.

... and Alexios...

by Suzanne G. on June 3rd, 2004

© Ray Caesar & Miss W. Tod

Happy 30th birthday, Alexios!

... It's a full moon tonight...

Herr Abs

by Suzanne G. on June 2nd, 2004

© Miss W. Tod

Happy birthday, my dear Mr Abs!

*opens a bottle of Krug Clos du Mesnil... for the rat*


by Suzanne G. on June 2nd, 2004

Mmm... Mr August Strindberg in his late twenties...

ForteanTimes added 4 articles to its online database - for everyone who missed FT issue 180 February 2004:

August Strindberg on absinthe
Thomas De Quincey on opium
Aldous Huxley on mescalin
The Grateful Dead and ESPs
Lewis Carroll on mushrooms

... oh, and there's no such thing as an overdose of Strindberg & Helium... :)

Le marquis est mort - vive le marquis!

by Suzanne G. on June 2nd, 2004

© "Et nous aussi serons mères; car...!"
by Jean-Jacques Lequeu (1790) and N.N.
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"Il n'est aucune sorte de sensation qui soit plus vive que celle de la douleur; ses impressions sont sûres, elles ne trompent point comme celles du plaisir."
(Marquis de Sade, extrait de "Justine")

Joyeux anniversaire, monsieur le marquis!