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Singing Lessons For Fun, Profit & Sex-Appeal

by Suzanne G. on July 17th, 2004

(Source unknown, dated 1936 - Click on thumbnails to enlarge)

Good Mouth Opening - Your key to success in social, political and economic life!

Flash Animations For A Brighter Tomorrow

by Suzanne G. on July 9th, 2004

(click on thumbnails to watch animations)

ALIEN In 30 Seconds (And Re-enacted By Bunnies)
Angry Alien Productions | The Exorcist | The Shining | Titanic)

Making Fiends - Episode 10
Amy Winfrey)

Chase Me
J. Picking )

Anal Seepage
Joel Veitch, Alex Veitch and Dom Chadwick)

Weebl and Bob - Pikea 3
J. Picking | Pikea 1 | Pikea 2)

→ Angry Alien Productions Online Shoppe NEW!(*)

→ Amy Winfrey's Splendid Souvenir Shoppe NEW!(*)

... and in other news, Cookie Thievery wins 23457:0 against DickCream! Hurrah!



by Suzanne G. on July 8th, 2004

© D Canada - feat. Miss W. Tod, Lisa, Andrea, Joby and Satomi Hori
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Thank you, David...

→ More of David's artwork over @ Rustgirl.com's temporary site

Chris Ryniak

by Suzanne G. on July 5th, 2004

© Chris Ryniak
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"Chris Ryniak paints squids and bigfoots, a lot.

He tries to express simple concepts and situations by painstakingly painting every single hair on the body of an albino gorilla or by holding his breath while painting the highlights on the teeth of a microscopic thingamajig.

It's really quite silly, but it's what he does."

(Chris Ryniak on... Chris Ryniak)

Chris Ryniak is currently exhibiting his recent artwork at Jonathan LeVine's Flip, Flop 'n Fly show at Tin Man Alley Gallery in Philadelphia. Other featured artists include Mike Burnett and Daniel Peacock.

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