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Bah humbug

by Juju on December 23rd, 2004

A quick message of infestive cheer

Christmas carols the old ones way...

When taxidermists go good bad

Seasonal Prodigy Spoof for anyone?

Or just some snow fun Glasgow Glasgae style?

That's all from me for a bit, asides from coal, kidnappings and the birch

Juju Black Peter

Well, great!

by Suzanne G. on December 21st, 2004

© Sue de Beer - click image to enlarge

Oh, how I love holidays in Merry Olde England.

I've already been attacked by a pheasant with rabies, almost been killed by a falling tree and nearly been poisoned with a 150-year-old Cadbury chocolate bar from hell.

And now, Thee Forum ov Psychick Blah is under hacker attack.

Klav and I are doing our best to rectify this problem as soon as possible.

Thank you for your patience.


EDIT 16:00

Thee Forum ov Psychick Blah is fixed! :)


by Juju on December 20th, 2004

Unnervingly good tour of an abandoned hospital

Erwin Olaf has some rather nice work on his site why not sidle over and have a look...

Au revoir, les enfants!

by Suzanne G. on December 19th, 2004

As most of you already know, I'll be leaving for Merry Olde Cambridge tomorrow to spend Christ-Mess with my mum and my brother.

I'll be away from Thee Evil Interweb ov D00m from Monday till the 4th of January 2005.

I wish you and all your friends freshly squeezed monkey brains & chinchilla livers a merry Christmas and a happy New Year.

Stay slimy and tentacled safe and warm!



Here's a little collection of things to do while I'm away in Thee Unholy Motherland ov Black Metal Pudding & Clotted Cream ...

FFF's Ten Fun Things To Do At Christmas

Christmas Consumerism

Ze Frank's Carol Maker With Very Irritating
Electro Clash Elves

Weebl and Bob - White Christmas

Making Fiends - Christmas Episode

B3ta's Tramp O Claus

Mr Threebrain's Christm-Ass Countdown


Finally, the all important question:


Byebye... and always stay l33t - wherever you are...

Oh, and please put the lotion in the fucking basket before you go! :)

Well hi there...

by Juju on December 13th, 2004

Just a quick post to introduce myself, I'm Juju and I'll be assisting the inscrutable Miss Tod with her blogging activities. If you've heard anything about me it's most probably true, except the bit where I'm meant to bring good luck. If you prick me, do I not bleed? Well no, not really - I just leak a bit of saw dust and stuffing.

St Lucy

You may or may not know today (the 13th) is St Lucy's day.

She is popularly invoked against diseases of the eyes, and is often represented as holding her gouged out eyes on a dish. As Juno Lucina or Lucetia, the Mother of Light, she was a Sabine goddess who gave enlightenment, sight and opened the eyes of newborn infants.

Mmmm I've always had a thing about eye violence...

I must feeeeeeeeeeed!

by Suzanne G. on December 12th, 2004

Watch Ragamuffin

... and you should feed too!

It makes life a whole lot easier and there's less bacteria involved.


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In other administrative news, I'm looking for a co-blogger(ess) for Thee Blog ov Psychick Blah.
Please email me if you're interested! :)



by Suzanne G. on December 12th, 2004

© Pavel Banka
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Es gibt nichts Interessantes hier
Die Ruinen von Atlantis nur
Aber keine Spur von Dir
Ich glaub' Du kommst nicht mehr.

Wir haben uns im Traum verpasst.

Du träumst mich ich Dich
Keine Angst ich weck Dich nicht
Bevor Du nicht von selbst erwachst.

(Stella Maris by Einstürzende Neubauten)


by Suzanne G. on December 12th, 2004

© Andy Julia
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I live by the ocean
and during the night
I dive into it.
Down to the bottom
underneath all currents
and drop my anchor.
This is where I'm staying.
This is my home.

(The Anchor Song by Björk)

Thomas R. - flatmate, musician, bellydancer

by Suzanne G. on December 11th, 2004

born 11th December 1978

Confused party guest complimenting my costume

Martina & Thomas



Aless at the hookah

Drunk Confused Little Me @ 5:00AM

(click to enlarge - © all images: Martina)

Acide arsénieux trioxyde

by Suzanne G. on December 10th, 2004

© Julie Heffernan
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"Elle en avait fini, songeait-elle, avec toutes les trahisons, les bassesses et les innombrables convoitises qui la torturaient.

Elle ne haïssait personne, maintenant; une confusion de crépuscule s'abattait en sa pensée, et de tous les bruits de la terre Emma n'entendait plus que l'intermittente lamentation de ce pauvre cœur, douce et indistincte, comme le dernier écho d'une symphonie qui s'éloigne."

(Extrait de Madame Bovary par Gustave Flaubert)