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Weisses Rauschen

by Suzanne G. on December 2nd, 2004

Wer das Weisse Rauschen sieht,
wird sofort wahnsinning.
Ausser wenn er schon wahnsinnig ist,
dann wird er normal.

(from Das Weisse Rauschen - a movie by
Hans Weingartner)

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"I am chairman of the department of Hitler studies at the College-on-the-Hill.
I invented Hitler studies in North America in March of 1968.
It was a cold bright day with intermittent winds out of the east.
When I suggested to the chancellor that we might build a whole department around Hitler's life and work, he was quick to see the possibilities.
It was an immediate and electrifying success.

The chancellor went on to serve as adviser to Nixon, Ford and Carter before his death on a ski lift in Austria."

(Excerpt from White Noise by Don DeLillo)



Sadly, I lost the sources of this beautiful Belgian Red Cross vintage poster.
I'd be very grateful if someone could provide me with either a bigger version of the ad or the details of its production.