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Gonzo is gone

by Juju on February 21st, 2005

© Neil Aldride
Hunter S Thompson has sadly committed suicide...
"(he) was an unflinching and acerbic chronicler of US counterculture."

Rural Russian hand painted posters for contemporary films

Tattooed dolls, the plastic kind.

Microsoft linguistical help for challenged parents...
"ph": often replaces "f," as in "phear" for "fear" (as in "ph34r my l33t skillz") and vice versa, such as spelling "phonetic" as "f0|\|371(."
...uhuh so where's the translation for M$ then?

Ninja's and Pirates... yarrr!

"The whole of nature stinks of disintegration and decay... we are already in hell..." lovely little animations to cheer up your day.

alles Gute zum Geburtstag

by Juju on February 14th, 2005

Oh and from me and here's your present see the Japanese do make better clocks than the Swiss ;)

Ever wondered why you can't remember your dreams? Don't give a damn then skip this one. Actually the whole Freudian *masterpiece*, The Interpretation of Dreams, is here Now I managed that whole bit of text without one Freudian slip or cheap jibe, impressive huh ;)

Vidi well, oh my brothers and sisters, vidi well.

OK I have to admit to being too lazy busy to try constructing this beast myself but this optical illusion is impressive, full construction instructions provided. Video here


by Suzanne G. on February 14th, 2005


(Found by HereticalPigeon - click to enlarge)

It's my birthday.

It's also Simon Pegg's birthday.

God, we're old, Simon!

That is all.

Thank you kindly for your attention.


Of cubes and imps

by Juju on February 11th, 2005

In a white room, ten cubes made of yellowish gelatine lay symmetrically on the floor. Each contain a voice coil from which audio-signals - spoken numbers from one to ten - are emitted. From outside the room, come "atmospheric" sounds and voices from a psychiatric ward.

Sounds interesting to me, it was at transmediale 05

Continuing on the sound production theme here's an interesting approach to a drum machine.

Whispering imps on magic posters, mmm that's right up my street that is - here's a rather intriguing history of the devilish little blighters.

Miss Tod's recent injury sparked a recollection of X-Rays and how much I enjoy them. Perhaps you do to? Some links to pursue.


Finally a cola advert that denigrates the church, at last I hear you all cry. My German may not be up to the task quite yet but some of you might even follow the message.

Oh and a little side rant about RFID tags... and so it begins...

We Are Zogg.

by Suzanne G. on February 9th, 2005

© Dan Griggs - via the lovely Miss Cabinodd

Can you cough so hard that you strain your ribs?

Well, I obviously can!

I'd love to share this unique talent of mine and perform with a circus troupe if it only wouldn't hurt so badly.

Lessons I learnt today:

Stripping in front of 4 assistant doctors who are in average 5 years younger than me isn't really my kind of exhibitionistic fetish.




- I -

© Kathie Olivas - click to enlarge

The Valentines Variety Show has opened its door to the public and will be running until February 22nd at the Gallery 1988 in L.A.

Featuring the work of:

Jason Sho Green
Tim Reed
Dez Einswell
Kathie Olivas
Angie Mason
Adam Connelly
Michael Sieben
Chris Bettig
et al.

- II -

© Alex Gross - click to enlarge

Alex Gross recently updated his portfolio with a few new paintings.

Go have a gander.

- III -

Keren Richter's ultra-short video clip HOUSE OF THE 1000 EX-GIRLFRIENDS (previously featured over here) is now available on her own website in a much better quality.

- IV -

Jason Yungbluth was in a supermarket recently when he suddenly discovered a children's book with the title "My Little Golden Book About God".

For the safety of our race he has translated this book in the hopes that a resistance may arise.

→ Read the baby powder scented Final Solution of Our Enemies From Beyond otherwise known as: The Cuddly Menace



Ad Noiseam kindly informs us that Larvae (a.k.a. Matthew Jeanes) will be presenting a DJ set at Smith's Old Bar in Atlanta this Thursday, February 10, 2005.

→ See photos from the Larvae/Panacea/Hecate live set in Lausanne



Also, a loud kawaa-aaaaiii-iiii for Mr Sakai who seems to be back in full force.



The organisers of the regular filth-fest that is Torture Garden have booked the basement club of the delightfully austere St. Matthew's Church, at the foot of Brixton's very own "pleasure Mile", for this outrageous and profane Valentine's event, the theme of which is "obsessive love".

→ 12 Feb 2005 at St. Matthew's Church - click here for more info

(Thanks, Kultureflash)



Dead Things & Broken Dolls From The Attic #3

Yup, that's me as a tentacled triclops doll.

Or something. o_O



Oh, and I got engaged to Dale Cooper again over the weekend. Just so you know...

© Suzanne

Porno smallbook speaking, let's go!

by Juju on February 4th, 2005

Japan and pr0n go together like... well like Japan and pr0n I suppose, so for your reading pleasure here's Adult English, subtitle: "porno smallbook speaking, let's go!"

© The relevant artists, The Institut Drahomira

Some interesting work over there, worth a look I'd say.

Brittle Bones

Rather good if you can fight your way through the difficult controls of the movies and navigation. Not sure I've managed to see all that there is to see yet... remember to "zoom" for the text.

Bright Things and Broken Toys

by Michelle on February 3rd, 2005

left to right: "Bunny Experiences Morbid Introspection", "Bunny's Airship", & "Bunny Watches The Invasion From The Window"
© Valery Milovic

(click thumbnails for bigger)

(yaaaaaay for squid-things!)


Making Fiends is back once again with a heartwarming Valentine's Day episode! Watch it with your best-loved squid human for that extra-special glowy feeling.


The Comics Interpreter needs your support! This zine is currently threatening to go under, but for a mere $12 you can purchase the latest three issues, including interviews with James Jean, Paul Pope, Hans Rickheit, and Kozyndan. Nailbunny says: GOOD DEAL.

Meanwhile, Kenichi Hoshine, talented Meathaus contributor and James Jean's collaborator on the gorgeous webcomic A Polite Winter, has recently launched his personal site at kenichihoshine.com.

And Shoichi Aoki of Fruits fame is back with another installment of epilepsy-inducing Japanese street fashion in the upcoming Fresh Fruits, a new volume of photos selected from the pages of
FRUiTS magazine. Happy spazzing!


by Juju on February 2nd, 2005

Today is... Candlemas or it might have been yesterday depending on your take on such things. Personally I'd go for yesterday but I never got the post out then... Bonfires are compulsory traditional, often dedicated to Bridget.

SA Stormtroopers ov occultish d00m
"Occult-related crime means any human conduct that constitutes any legally recognized crime, the modus operandi of which relates to or emanates primarily from any belief or seeming belief in the occult, witchcraft, satanism, mysticism, magic, esotericism and the like. Included in the scope of occult-related crime are ritual muti/medicine murders, witch purging, witchcraft-related violence and sect-related practices that pose a threat to the safety and security of the Republic of South Africa and/or its inhabitants."

Gentlemen's relish?
Vintage risqué images from the Ivan Brunetti archives.

CSS, Zen and gardening...
Well not really but if you have more than a passing interest in web site design and what can be achieved using CSS this might tickle your fancy

Or perhaps you are a touch more morbid than that? You might prefer the National Museum of Funeral History although there will be every chance the nation in question is not your own.

And to close some Finnish troll stories...
1 - educated
2 - enigmatic
3 - just wrong