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Give thy son, that we may eat him

by Juju on March 30th, 2005

Electroland Image

"This project consists of a luminous field of LED lights embedded into the entry walkway that respond to the presence of visitors; a massive display of lights on the building face that mirror the patterns of the entry; and video displays in the lobby and entry areas."
This and more projects of interest at Electroland

Russian Embassy Image

Luang Sathorn Mansion- Sovite/Russian Embassy
I'm a sucker for any abandoned building, but an abandoned Soviet/Russian Embassy in Bangkok... that's too much :)

Loretta Lux Image

Chilling children captured by Loretta Lux

Bunnies & Stags...

by Suzanne G. on March 24th, 2005



(click on images to enlarge)

© Bryon Paul McCartney
Models: Steph & yours truly
Make-up: VisageJolie
Corsets: Atelier Entre Nous


- I -

David LaChapelle's retrospective of photographs and installations - entitled Artists and Prostitutes (1985 - 2005) - can be seen at Deitch Projects, 18 Wooster Street, NYC, until April 16, 2005.

Oh, and thank you ever so much for hooking me up on this rather... err.. bizarre LaChapelle video, Miss ShanMonster. ;)

- II -

Folks living in Paris should under NO CIRCUMSTANCES miss the Space Invader - Rubik Space exhibition at Patricia Dorfmann Gallery.

Invader will be signing a new publication at the opening tonight, March 24, 2005, 6 - 9 PM.

- III -

Last Friday, Entropy8Zuper celebrated their 10th year online with strippers, caviar & step dancing circus bears stimulating conversations and yet another fresh website design.

Meanwhile, both Android8 and Rebel8 have secretly updated their adorable websites / product lines too.

- IV -

Wooster Collective has revealed exclusive images of Banksy hitting New York's most famous museums. Yay!



Un Lapin

Bunny Suicides

Touch My Bunny exhibition

Chocolate Eggs in Genuine Eggshells

• Hurrah! It's Happy Crucifixion season again! :)

Chip Simons' Easter Bunny series (I | II | III)

Chris Ryniak's fluffy contribution to Easter 2k+5 (I | II)

... and never forget that while the bunnies get all our attention these days, there's thousands of alcoholic, legless orphan squirrel babies out there. They need our credit cards love too!

(Click here for the gruesome details - via Grow-a-brain)



I realized the other day that I'll never be able to lead a happy and fulfilled life unless someone buys me Buck the Stag Animated Trophy. Yup. Now!

"Buck [...] works via remote control and wireless microphone. As well as singing, Buck can talk too – just speak into the mike, and your words will come out of his mouth. As he speaks Buck's mouth, head and ears all move in a scarily lifelike fashion [...]

You don't need to be in the same room as Buck to make him talk, which creates great potential for pranks. Why not set him up in your hallway or an office reception to greet visitors? [...]

Buck also features a motion sensor, and can spontaneously start singing when someone moves towards him – guaranteed to make guests jump out of their skin."




Dear Londoners, please don't miss The Knights of Awesome Power event tomorrow, March 25, 2005, at SeOne.

In other news, the ever amazing Drawn! blog has just announced that Seonna Hong and Tim Biskup have joined forces to create a clothing line called Gama-Go, with limited run shirts, toys, and accessories.

And finally, I'm glad to announce that Freyagushi is back online and ready to take orders for her adorable Hello Kitty corsets, Evil Nurse skirts and other weird fashion items.



Just in case you haven't noticed already, Thee Forum ov Psychick Blah is back online and running on the latest phpBB version (2.0.13).

You may have to reactivate some of your thread subscriptions though.

I'll leave for Lucerne (a.k.a. Fluffy 56k Land) today and I'll be away the entire next week. There's about 150 unanswered emails in my inbox from the last three days only. o_O

I'm sorry but I won't get a chance to reply to them until I'm back home.

Thank you kindly for your patience.

See you all in April! :)

Sciamachy? Me?

by Juju on March 23rd, 2005

Further adventures in linguistics, Luciferous Logolepsy

Victorian robots & Mexican revolutionaries

From those spiffing chaps at The Slingshot

Perhaps more appropriately placed in the forums but I didn't want this to get lost...
Our Media are offering to host all sorts of media free, forever... I thought that might interest some readers, Spargluna that means you! I'd like to see more of your work ;)

Snow angels

by Juju on March 21st, 2005

remind me of Christmas

A rather unusual collection of clocks

Eat Pes home to a wide array of bizarre animation, personally I rather enjoyed this, this and oh yes... this.

Dr. Jeckyll and Mr. Hyde, a psychedelic tale as if you doubted it for a second

Phantom Limbs & Honeydew

by Suzanne G. on March 18th, 2005

© Jeffery Scott - via Peep Show Stories
(click on images to enlarge)

This dart of love, whose piercing point, oft tried,
With virgin blood ten thousand maids have dyed
Which nature still directed with such art
That it through every cunt reached every heart -
Stiffly resolved, 'twould carelessly invade
Woman or man, nor aught its fury stayed:
Where'er it pierced, a cunt it found or made -
Now languid lies in this unhappy hour,
Shrunk up and sapless like a withered flower.

(Excerpt from A Debt to Pleasure by John Wilmot, Earl of Rochester)



© Miss Van

In association with Magda Danysz Gallery in Paris, Merry Karnowsky Gallery in Los Angeles presents:

P A R I S I A N      T E N D E N C I E S

Featured artists are Miss Van, Nicolas Ledoux &
Icon Tada

→ Opening reception is this Saturday, March 19th, 8 - 11 PM


© Tiffany Bozic

If you stay in L.A. this weekend, be sure to check out Tiffany Bozic's solo show at BLK/MRKT too.

© Caitlin Kuhwald

Meanwhile, folks who live in the Bay Area should go visit Caitlin Kuhwald who'll be opening her show this Saturday evening from 6 - 10 PM.

Stop by at the Low Gallery to see her newest paintings, have a glass of wine, and swallow some paint caviar cheese. :)

All non-Californians are advised to have a look at Stephan Doitschinoff's spanking new website - featuring samples of his unique paintings, illustrations and murals. Ooooooh!



© Autumn Whitehurst

YEN Magazine just announced the release of CURVY II - the follow-up to the curvilicious 1st volume. It will be available online & in stores from today, March 18th.

Featuring Autumn Whitehurst (c.f. tiny image above), Yuko Shimizu, Julia Staite, and many, many other talented female illustrators.

Click here for more details about CURVY II



© The late Henri Cartier-Bresson

The Institut Français Londres invites to a Jean-Paul Sartre Symposium that will start today - in a few hours in fact - and run until Saturday night.

KultureFlash writes:

"[...] Though Foucault disagreed with him philosophically, Sartre was the very model of the politicised thinker that he aspired to be; in fact, they frequently found themselves at the same barricades. So on the centenary year of his birth, the UK Society for Sartrean Studies is bringing together Sartreans from all over the world to speak on topics from his life to postmodernism, phenomenology, literature, among others."

→ More details over at The Lecture List

Recent article on Sartre from NYT's Ideas column



© The Onion

Happy belated St. Patrick's Day, my dear Irish friends & otters. :)

Make sure you read The Onion's historically profound Irish-Heritage Timeline, if you haven't done so already...



Reason No. 4 To Have Kids:

They hardly ever never suffocate when attacked by a facehugger.

(c.f. previous issues: Reason No. 1 | 2 | 3)



If you're a registered member of Thee Forum ov Psychick Blah, please don't sign in or you'll be directed to an error page. You can still read the threads as a guest though.

Please contact me if you have experience with phpBB forum bugs or with phpMyAdmin.

Thank you.

In totally unrelated news, I just performed the geekiest Google Image Search ever!


by Suzanne G. on March 16th, 2005

© David Stoupakis - click to enlarge

I know, I know.. Thee Forum ov Psychick Blah has been hacked again.

Please stop sending me emails and IMs concerning this, unless you really want to and can help.

All others please use the PayPal button at the end of this page and donate generously so that I can buy this time machine and travel back to March 15th, 2005, when I'll still have enough time to upgrade the forum to Not So Stable Version 2.0.13.

Thanks. :)

A thread about the so-called [nigga] Error can be found here and I'm currently wondering whether I should download phpMyAdmin in order to be able to access the admin panel.

Any thoughts about this are highly welcome either via email or Yahoo! IM.


... And in happier news...

Eboy released a new spiffy poster of London - it comes in all the adorable eboy™ candy colours and in the usual unhandy DIN A0 Format ov D00m. Yay!

Aoineko announced the launch of the official FragileMachine website, featuring a new trailer, behind-the-scenes info, and new art produced for the film's DVD release.

... and...

• Amy Winfrey is back with a spanking new webisode of her Making Fiends animation series.


We are the alpha and the omega

by Juju on March 15th, 2005

we are the beginning and the end.

Photography for all!

No more shall the masses be precluded from photographic endeavors through price alone, instructions (almost) and inspiration (most definitely) for a Pringles tube pinhole camera!

Japanese psychiatry never looked so good.

New piece of work from Spike Jonze
I see his IMDB entry notes that Where the Wild Things Are is in pre production :)

Ray Caesar has an upcoming solo exhibition at the Jonathan LeVine Gallery in New York.

A novel twist on a familiar theme from PIPS:lab

... and Satan gave me another taco...

by Suzanne G. on March 13th, 2005

© The Duke of Prunes

The charming young lady above ate this blog entry twice.

And her appetite for HTML code is still not assuaged, as you can clearly see.

Just so you know how much I love you, dear reader.




click to enlarge
© D.M.D.

Beautifully disturbing Daniel Martin Diaz is currently selling a limited edition (only 13 sets à... ahem... $2,500) of handprinted linoleum carvings entitled De Exorcismus et Supplicationibus Quibusdam.

The print set is accompanied by an essay that explores the intricacies of exorcism in the Catholic Church and provides an in-depth analysis of Diaz's images.

→ Please visit Pressure Printing's website for further details.



Kunsthalle Hamburg is currently showing The Gaze of Desire - an amazing exhibition about the early days of surrealist photography.

Exhibited artists include:

Jean-Eugène-Auguste Atget, Hans Bellmer, Denise Bellon, Jacques-André Boiffard, Brassaï, Josef Breitenbach, André Breton, Claude Cahun, Georges Hugnet, Valentine Hugo, Louis-Jean-Baptiste Igout, Pierre Jahan, Jacques-Henri Lartigue, Eli Lotar, Dora Maar, René Magritte, Man Ray, Marcel Mariën, Willy Maywald, E. L. T. Mesens, Lee Miller, Paul Nougé, Jean Painlevé, Gaston Paris, Roger Parry, Roger Schall, Jindrich Štyrský, Raoul Ubac, Robert Valençay, Wols.

The exhibition is being staged in conjunction with Hamburg's 3rd Triennial of Photography as well as a photography competition entitled Begierde Im Blick / Hamburg Surreal.

N.B.: Make sure you visit the Kunsthalle's own library. They have a most impressive collection of catalogues raisonnés, as I could convince myself the last time I was in H'burg.



Oh, delay!

Beck's playing a show this coming Monday, March 14th at the Islington Academy in London.

Also, The Guardian is looking for some clever questions for the upcoming interview with Beck on Guero - his latest album - and his new underwear.

And yes, I've already submitted "Will you marry me?". About 17 times.

So, send your questions in to arts.editor@guardianunlimited.co.uk before next Tuesday. Please put "Beck" in the subject line.

Hmm... I think I'd prefer my Mr Hansen with post-its instead of labels and without shirt... but that's a totally different story...

AiS and c505 do Beck! Yay! :)

→ Feature on Beck in anthemMag. *melts*



Robert Crumb is invading Merry Olde England with a show at the Whitechapel and a book promotion tour this March.

KultureFlash writes:

"[...] Maturing with Hippies in the Bay Area, Crumb's life is a document to that other America: one that also belongs to Ware, Charles Burns and Harvey Pekar. Besides being an amusing storyteller, Crumb is first, and foremost, a brilliant draughtsman. [...]"

→ Don't miss the Art Talk with Crumb on Friday, 18th March 2005, 8:20 PM @ the NFT.

The Londonist has all the necessary details on book signings, shows and lectures.



How come both Beck Hansen and Robert Crumb are fiddling around with their ties on the photographs above. Hmmm... I guess it has a similar subliminal meaning to the female gesture of adjusting a bra strap and I'll probably file this under "Verlegenheitsgesten".

Still, I should have definitely paid closer attention to Sigmund Freud's
Zur Psychopathologie des Alltagslebens.

*Adjusts bra and smokes a cigar*

In other thrilling news, Chet Zar will go down in the annals of the History of Hypertext as the man with the best splash site ever!


Brutality and you

by Juju on March 11th, 2005

I was looking for brutality... and I found it...

© Ramon Ramirez @ Abnormis
Sorry Michelle poached their link from you

Dark Souls and Fear of Death brought to life by Gus Fink... he has Creeplings too... I love that word "Creeplings"... I'm adopting it

I wonder if any of you are as curious as I on the subject of Rorschach Tests and after that serious study a little mirth

"The dark brooding colors remind me of my childhood murder-spree" oh but they do they really do!!!

"Why should your cannon be used to blast Dr. Hunter S. Thompson's cremated remains into the sky?"

Taxidermical Advice Please

I've currently got a barn owl in my freezer, dead you understand and dead before I found it I hasten to add. I've done the responsible notify the appropriate people bit and found out some history etc - which was interesting in itself but now I'd like to have the little angel stuffed or taxi'd as my friend nicely put it. Anyone got any idea how much this should cost me, or is the answer how much do you want to pay?

Thank you all kindly in advance, the thanks of course obligates someone somewhere to answer my plea.

Public Service Announcementâ„¢

by Suzanne G. on March 9th, 2005


Become a Friend of the Pacific Northwest Tree Octopus (FOTPNWTO)

Show people that you support the cause of the Pacific Northwest Tree Octopus by placing a Tentacle Ribbon or badge, along with a link to FOTPNWTO, on your website or weblog.

Together, we have the power to build a grass-roots campaign to save the Tree Octopus!


Ribbon available in GIF for dark, medium, and light backgrounds; in translucent PNG; and in the old style.

→ Find out more about the Pacific Northwest Tree Octopus!